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Dream with Special Guest Star: The President

You’d think having a dream with Barack Obama would be more content-oriented, but this was pretty stupid. Either I was helping him or he was helping me scrape some weird pale bluish-white creamy substance (it had the consistency of buttercream frosting crossed with Noxema and colored pastel blue) off of some cellophane wrap.

Yeah…I have no clue either.

Well, at least we were both trying to get rid of this substance and we were assisting eachother…if it was the previous president, he’d probably be trying to snort it, and if it was Clinton, he’d probably be trying to smear it all over my body.

I can’t remember if I had a presidential dream before…I know I had Al Gore once and a looong time ago I had Gary Hart. That was while he was still a Colorado Senator pre-attempted presidential run and while I was still living there.