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August 2019
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protest signs

Protest Sign Gallery

I decided to put all of the photos I made of my protest signs in a gallery over at Flickr. It will be more easy to organize and present them there:
Protest Photo Gallery at Flickr

Day 90

Earlier this past week the weather got really hot and Augusty. So what does it decide to do for Saturday when Day 90 of the Wisconsin Union Fight protest is happening?
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Scott & Sarah & Paul & Michele

Consider the Atrocities.

Consider the Atrocities

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The horror. The horror.

Can We Recall Him Too While We’re At It?

Paul Ryan Sucks

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Paul Ryan Sucks.

Another Protest Pic from Today

Sitting by the Capitol…
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At the Capitol with Our Latest Signs

We went to the Capitol today. It was supposed to be warm, but it was chilly and foggy.
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Some Great Anti-Walker Images

This person designed some awesome anti-Scott Walker posters. You must view all of them…scroll down to the bottom of their page and click on “Older Entries” to view them all. There’s not that many pages, and it’s definitely worth it.

That’s My Sign

I’m underneath the wagging finger of shame…sign post and human blocking my face, but you can see some of my psychedellic Warhol poster. This photo was taken Saturday, March 26. Continue reading

Our Latest Posters…and a few old ones

Please click the thumbnails below for the full image and a bit of explanation. Those images can be enlarged a couple times as well for the full effect.

Don’t Blink!

Here’s another one with us…very small in the background. This video was taken yesterday
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Finally: Our Signs in the Crowd

I found a picture on Flicker that was taken at the protest two weeks ago, Saturday March 12, when we were carrying the punk rock anti-Walker signs.
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Unwanted Man


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” Scott “Pasty Face” Walker : REWARD: The Return of the State of Wisconsin to its Rightful Citizens : For the Crimes of Stealin’ money from widows and children, killin’ workers’ rights and Bustin‘ Unions, tradin’ off Wisconsin Utilities, deprivin’ residents of improved public transportation, conspirin’ with Corporate Hoodlums and Scallywags, lyin‘ to the public before the election, and bein’ an all ‘round weasel. ”

I’m making one of these supersized (tiled) in black and white for next time. Maybe I’ll smudge it up with some coffee for an old west effect. Don’t really have a color printer…I do, but it’s hibernating and expensive to use. Laserprints are much cheaper.

Some of Our Protest Posters

I don’t have a smart phone or an ipod or even a small camera I could take with me to the protests–something like that is beyond my budget, so that is why there are no pictures of the Madison crowds here. All I have is one camera I use for my business–photographing my jewelry, art, beads, Stan’s cactuses, etc., and I’m not big on bringing that to these events. So since I had to get out my camera to shoot some beads this AM, I decided to shoot some of the posters I made that we’ve been bringing these past weeks.

On Saturday, March 12, I carried this one:
Union Pug Says RECALL!
and on the flip side:
Scott Walker : Worse than Palin

and Stan carried this one:
Union Bosston Terrier
and on the flip side:
Scott Walker : Plutocracy in the USA
These are made with black-cartridge laserwriter prints on colored cut paper over cardboard. They’re approx. 16×20 inches.

On Saturday, February 26, I carried this one:
I Heart Wisconsin 14
and on the flip side:
Scott Walker is a Dunce
I sort of had a Scott Walker-moment when I was creating that one because I put the flipside on upside down, so I couldn’t hold the sign up in the air, just against my body to hide the upside down side. I had gotten up really early in the morning, and brain wasn’t engaged fully when assembling it.

I also made another sign, but we left it in the car (we took it on a weekday afternoon) and Stan’s at work right now. I’ll try to shoot it sometime.

We’re in There, Somewhere

Excellent Pictures of the Wisconsin Protests at The DailyKos

Maybe not in those photos, but we’re that crowd of humanity.

Favorite sign in that collection is: “I don’t believe in the tooth fairy, the easter bunny, or Walker’s Silent Majority.

We saw one dissenting sign during the whole protest. One guy with a pro-Walker sing. One. In fact, I didn’t even see him. Stan did. Someone must have told the guy that Rush Limbaugh was around the corner, so he ran to catch him. ‘Cause I didn’t even see him.