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12:20:2002 Entry: "Ann : Mating Practices of the Common House Sparrow"

Mating Practices of the Common House Sparrow

From my computer room which is about three feet from the neighbor's roof, I can see sparrows fluttering about. I suspect they may have a nest in our eave or gable end of that side of the house, because whenever they fly, they fly upward above my windows. They'll sit on the neighbor's roof or perch on their gutter and mate. They're in that nest-building seems that it's usually the male that's the most prolific with gathering the nesting material. The other day I saw him holding a piece of indecipherable nesting stuff in his beak AS he was mating with the female. I thought that was amusingly weird. I told that to Stan, who said, "that would be like me holding a piece of wood siding while we had sex." I would not be impressed. But I suppose it's different for sparrows.

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