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12:20:2002 Entry: "Ann : Sad Butterflies"

Sad Butterflies

I'm going to keep totallyhosted for this site and eyebalm for reasons too complex to explain, however because my site was down for 7 hours today, I'm getting different hosting for ann-s-thesia and dingbatcave.

Yellowjackets have killed a couple of our Monarchs. I now realize when I put them out on the butterfly bush if they're not completely dry, they'll get attacked. It's most sad. I don't want to wait too long to release them, but I guess it's better to wait longer until they can fly away rather than letting them dry on the bush, especially this time of year when these vagabond yellowjackets are out marrauding the neighborhood. How do these things survive in nature? Surely yellowjackets must attack them right as they're emerging.

After my host being down and seeing the yellowjacket kill a butterfly I released, I felt quite depressed. But at least I'm feeling better physically...I know that doesn't make much sense.

On the bright side, I figured out something tres cool:

This will always give the current date. I'm thinking of restructuring my GM script in the upper left corner over to SSI (which is what this is) because it will ALWAYS work. The GM script, on the otherhand, is flaky, and changes the day someone adds a comment or when I rebuild my files. True, it'll give the current date rather than the date the post was made, but it's better to be consistent and always have the current date rather than *sometimes* have the date the post was made, sometimes not.


Yes Ann these yellow jackets are true vagabonds. There not even collecting food suplies for the winter. They've been thrown out of their nests and their of no use even to their own species. They are living the rest of the season according to their own ativestic pleasures. I hate everything that lives by it's own self centered pleasures, and I have no remorse for having killed 20 or so of these yellow jackets this afternoon. If I see more around tommorow I'll kill them too. I'm sorry about our monarchs, and I want the ones we've raised to have a good chance to survive. Please don't feel so bad though because you didn't know they were dangerous to out butterflies untill it was too late.

Posted by Stan @ 09:01:2002:09:58 PM CST

It makes sense, after all you've brought up the butterflies. It's just how nature works though, you can't help what happens to the butterflies after you release them. I'm glad you feel better again physical.

Posted by Nico @ 09:02:2002:08:45 AM CST

It's still sad...

Dictionary didn't help last night, Stan? I think it's atavistic...sorry I was preoccupied.

Posted by Ann @ 09:02:2002:09:19 AM CST

By Ann @ 20:24 PM CST:12:20:02 ..::Link::..