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12:20:2002 Entry: "Ann : Amazon's response?"

Amazon's response?

Greetings from

I've checked your order (#xxx-xxx-xxx), and I can confirm
that we still expect to ship it by the date listed in Your Account:
September 23, 2002.

The estimated date of shipment was calculated at the time you placed
your order and is based on the proximity of inventory to the delivery
address you provided, as well as how quickly we can obtain and
assemble items for shipment.

We will send you an e-mail at the time of shipment. Please contact
us again if you do not receive a shipment confirmation by September
24, 2002.

You can always check the status of your order, including estimated
dates of shipment and delivery, by clicking the Your Account link at
the top of most pages of our store or by following this link:

Please note, each item on our web site is listed with an availability
estimate that describes the amount of time it will take before the
item leaves our fulfillment center. Availability times can range
from 24 hours to 1 to 3 months (for some special order items). This
means that we should be able to receive this item from our supplier
within that amount of time after your order is placed.

Therefore, selecting Two-Day or One-Day shipping means your
merchandise will arrive in the time frame specified after the order
has been shipped. However, the processing and fulfillment time may
result in additional time between order placement and delivery.

For this reason, we list an estimated shipment date on the order form
just before you submit the order, as well as an estimated delivery
date in "Your Account."

We apologize for any misunderstanding. For a complete description of
our shipping options and policies, click on the "Help" link at the top
right of our home page or access the following URL:

We value your business and hope to see you again soon at

Best regards,

Tanmay Kumar
Earth's Biggest Selection

We would appreciate your feedback on our customer service. Follow
the link below if you would like to let us know how we are doing -
your input is invaluable!


I don't know if this really addresses the issue. So, even if all my items say "ships within 24 hours" what seems to be missing is "ships within 24 hours after our warehouse decides to assemble it for shipping, which, could mean, hey, whenever, ya know?"

It seems like Amazon has gone through a change. When I ordered cds in the past, even ones that said "usually ships within 4-5 days" or so, I got quicker turnaround time than this.



Ugh. How stupid.

Their package tracking feature was all messed up too. It told me my order was in "US". Thanks...

Then the USPS just decided to let my package sit around in Illinos for nearly a week before hauling it up to Wisconsin.

We need something like Willy Wonka's transmit-chocolate-by-TV mechanism.

Posted by Yvonne @ 09:20:2002:12:24 AM CST

I've not had a problem with the USPS until lately. I sent off a check in June to a local arts group that I'm a member of. Granted, I screwed up the address a bit (I was soooo under pressure this summer). The address was S. Blount Street, but I forgot the "S" part. I also addressed it to my own zip code, 53704 instead of 53703. See to me, those problems are not biggies, and the USPS should've troubleshot it. To make a long story short, I had to issue them another check, and then earlier this month, the treasurer FINALLY received the original envelope! It took over 2 months for them to get the envelope!

Posted by Ann @ 09:20:2002:09:10 AM CST

And I had a backaddress on it too! The USPS could've just returned it to me!

Posted by Ann @ 09:20:2002:09:11 AM CST

By Ann @ 20:25 PM CST:12:20:02 ..::Link::..