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12:20:2003 Entry: "Ann : No More Pug."

No More Pug.

We had Hieronymus euthanised today. They spent forever trying to find a vein in all four limbs and his jugular, with no luck. All his veins had collapsed because of his illness. He put up no fight with their poking, totally different than the feisty, snapping pug that we'd taken to the vets in the past. The last resort was to put him under anaesthesia for them to inject the serum directly in his heart. We watched them put him under, but we didn't watch them perform the procedure. We opted for a private cremation so that we can have his ashes; probably in a couple of weeks we'll get those. I guess for some reason, we weren't supposed to see him actually die, or dead. I was greatly surprised that he didn't die in the middle of the night last night.

I'm holding up well, considering. I guess it's because he was a good old age, and the illness took him quickly, unlike Natasha who lingered for weeks.

Plato was very upset when we came home. He had started shredding a package of toilet paper we had in the kitchen while we were gone. He was shivering. Stan opened up a package of Dentabones that we had bought the other week to give Hieronymus after we clip his nails. He gave a bone to Plato, telling him that it was a present from Hieronymus. Plato took it in his mouth, looked at Stan, started to walk away, turned to look at Stan again in disbelief, walked a little more, turned again to look at Stan as if to say "This is for me? Why? What did I do to deserve this? I didn't get my nails clipped. I can't believe you're giving me a bone without clipping my nails first! Is this really mine?"

I hope Plato can sleep tonight.

We will be looking for another dog, I'm not really sure what, but I am interested in either a black Pug (those fawn ones shed way too much light-colored fur for our house!) or a French Bulldog. Either of those will be pretty hard to find, I think. I guess there's no hurry, although Plato would probably disagree with that.

I think it was right around this time of year (to the week, probably) 12 years ago that Hieronymus came into our life as an 8 week old puppy.

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