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12:20:2003 Entry: "Ann : DREAMs. Massive, Epic Dreams."

DREAMs. Massive, Epic Dreams.

1.) I was at my parent's house. They had the spare mattress on the living room floor (the one from the roll-away bed that's actually much more comfortable to use directly on the floor rather than on that springy, misshapen metal poking thing) for me to sleep on like the last time I visited them. (My parents literally have no guest's worse than Jerry Seinfeld's parents' condo in Florida) For some reason there was a set of underdressers under the mattress, but my mom told me not to put stuff in there because she was using them. I thought that odd as they should be underdressers for guests. Then for some reason I was out with my dad and he was driving our van. He stopped by the old CSU chemistry building to pick something up (even though now he's retired and years before he retired they even moved the chemistry department to a new building). We were in the van watching Rene, Roy (is he dead yet, Stan? Can you remmber what my dad said?) and even Grandpa, who is our neighbor's father and would have no reason of being in Colorado other than he'd probably like hanging out with Rene and Roy. They were leavingm going out for coffee or something and there was a police car there, I think, handing out tickets to them because they were illegally parked along the area where the liquid nitrogen was stored by the loading dock. Then my dad drove the van down the loading dock (a long incline that lead directly to the basement overhead door) frontways instead of backing it up. I didn't want him to do it because I didn't think the van would have enough power to get back up the ramp in reverse (even though I'm sure it would IRL). My dad got out of the van and went inside and I waited for him. And waited for him. There were these popular girls from high school that were standing out there--I don't know why--and I was applying lipstick rather heavily in the van. Then I got tired of waiting and got out of the van and went into the building to look for my dad. As I passed my reflection in a glass window, I could see that I had applied not only a lot of lipstick, but also copious amounts of rouge, I was wearing dark horn-rimmed glasses, my hair was short and curly and I looked like a Mrs. Beasley doll (the only thing that was the same was my nose...thank goodness I didn't have a Mrs. Beasley nose). Heaven help me. Then I realized that they had moved the chemistry stockroom around and it wasn't accessible the way it used to be when I worked there in the early 80s. (this is true...before they built the new building, they did rearrange the layout of the basement in the original one, but that was after I didn't work there anymore) I kept asking people I'd see in the hallway "how do you get to the chemistry stockroom?" and they'd point, but it was very hard to figure out. I finally found my way there, walking through assorted strange barriers that didn't look too "chemistry-like" and more like left over stage props from a theatre department. I finally found the front desk. There was a woman working there, Sarah, who worked there when I did. I asked her if my dad was there and she said no, and then I grabbed the phone without asking her. It was a reddish orange phone, not at all like the standard government issue cold war dark green ones like they had when I worked there. She looked at me strangely, like I was rather rude to grab the phone. I started to call my parent's home number, preceded by a "1". I didn't get ahold of anything, and asked her if you have to dial a certain number to get an outside line (yeah, 9, stupid). Then she asked me for a credit card so that I could have the call charged to my account. I fished around in my pocket or purse and remembered that I left my credit card at home (in Wisconsin) by my computer, but I did have my "cell phone card" (no such thing IRL) where I could have calls charged to my cell phone. I pulled that out and said that I would use my cellphone except that it probably wouldn't work in that building, being in the basement encased in steel and concrete (that is probably true). There was a slot behind the stockroom's red phone that my "cell phone card" could slide through like pulling a credit card through the magnetic thingy. Sarah tried calling my parent's number for me, but that didn't work either. I thought "to heck with it" so I went outside behind the building and tried to call them on my cellphone, but I still couldn't get anyone to answer and instead got an operator asking me what number I'm calling. I tried to have the operator place that call, and that still didn't work. Then I went into the lobby of either the chemistry building or the microbiology building across the street to wait for a bus or my dad to appear or something. I noticed there was this incredible caterpillar trying inside a plexiglassed-in area. This thing was the size of a cat, like three inches in diameter and a foot long. I wanted to take it home with me but didn't have any place to store it. I just watched it and hoped no one would harm it. It was green with assorted markings and eyes on it. It was trying to build a web or coccoon or something. Some man noticed I was watching it and started to talk to me about it. He said they had another one and pointed over to another area in the room where there was another one that had successfully build a chrysalis. I kept watching "my" caterpillar and noticed that its "butt" that had anchored itself to the plexiglass, lost its grip and it started flailing around. It would have to start restructuring its coccoon/chrysalis, and I was worried that it would exhaust all its resources creating its silk that it wouldn't have enough energy left for the metamorphosis. Then I also noticed that its arms got caught on some of the silk, but its arms weren't caterpillar arms, they looked more like monkey arms. Weird. I was genuinely worried about this thing.

2.) I was looking at an old photograph taken in the 1980s. In it were people I knew from college like our friend Brian, except there were two of him...most odd. And there was Ron (who is dead) but Ron looked more like he did maybe at the end of high school before he went off the deep end. Then it was like the people in the photograph were moving and I was now in the photograph, but things changed and I was sitting in someone's suburban kitchen with their two youngest daughters who had very strange names. The youngest daughter, who was maybe around 8 or so, her name began with the letter "A" and the second youngest daughter, who's name was something gawd-awfully-strange like "Buzzby" or something, was around 10. They named their kids starting with the letter "E" and ascending to the beginning of the alphabet with the youngest. Very strange. I have no idea who these people were...not a clue.

3.) I was looking at these strange hybrid animals that I had in a jar. They were sort of like lizards/chameleons but they were also like caterpillars and they would transform into chrysalises. I suddenly realized their food supply was low (leaves) and a few were frantically crawling around the jar trying to find more food. I told Stan that he had to go outside to pick more leaves. I think I woke up with a start because I was freaked out they would starve.

At some point in my sleep I yelled out "I don't want to talk about that now" but I can't remember what it was in relation to.


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