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12:20:2003 Entry: "Ann : Oh crap, why did I start this game when my Tangerine won't be home for a week or more?"

Oh crap, why did I start this game when my Tangerine won't be home for a week or more?

Crap. It's going to cost $400 to repair it! It's something really just has a loose connection when I connect the AC adapter, so it keeps going off and running down my battery. Damn damn damn. If I had $1200, I'd just get a new one except for the facts that:

1) Well, I don't have $1200. I don't have $400 either, but...

2) All new Macs don't have system 9 installed and I desparately need OS 9 for running Fontographer because it will NOT work under Classic. (and I'm not buying that Scanfont program. I like Fontographer, I've been using it for over a decade, and I have not been able to get a handle on how to manipulate Scanfont.)

3) And frankly, Apple, I really don't like the new iBook un-ergonomic design. I can live without the cuteness of the old original iBook bivalve-type casing, but part of that design was that it was much more comfortable on the hands. I have delicate hands.

4) My Tangerine is damn cute.

Anyway, to get back to your question, Stan, so as not to confuse you, I don't think we've ever called this person. I can't say positively we've never called him, but I don't think we ever did. I better not say anymore as to not give you too much info.

By Ann @ 20:34 PM CST:12:20:03 ..::Link::..