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12:20:2003 Entry: "Stan : Fish Water Dream"

Fish Water Dream

Ann, Tim, My Adopted Mother Lorene and I were on vacation together. Tim and I were trying to make tea in a motel lobby, but we were scooping water out of a fish acquarium to make our brew. Then we noticed a hot water dispensor next to the fish and decided to use that water instead of the fish water. My mom began to insist that we leave the area as soon as possible. She just wanted all of us to get in the van and drive north. I insisted on seeing a map. On the map the great lakes were upside down and we were already north of the lakes, which IRL would have been south. In the dream we began to drive north of the lakes, but we were still in the U.S. We stopped in another motel. While we were in the room I recieved a phone call about the fence on our property line. I was on our cell phone and could hear the caller, but the caller couldn't hear me. I would have gone outside so they could hear me too, but I didn't care and stayed in the room.

By Stan @ 20:38 AM CST:12:20:03 ..::Link::..