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12:20:2003 Entry: "Ann : DREAM: Birds and ultimatums"

DREAM: Birds and ultimatums

There was a bird that came up to me. I don't know what kind of bird...maybe part cockateil, part chicken? It was white with red spots. It had a red beak. It was being very affectionate and it let me pet it. It started pecking at my arm in a way that made me think it thought it was courting me. Very odd.

Somehow I was given one of those ultimatum questions (if you had a choice between type questions) about Pink Floyd and music. The question was:

If you had to choose between never being able to listen to anything except Pink Floyd (and Floyd-related member solo stuff) or being able to listen to anything EXCEPT anything Pink Floyd, what would you choose? I remember thinking that it was a very painful decision, because for the longest time (nearly 20 years) I didn't listen to Pink Floyd at all, but recently I haven't been listening to anything BUT Pink Floyd. I thought if I opted for Pink Floyd, I'd never be able to hear Eno or Bowie or Reed again, but if I opted for everything but Pink Floyd, It'd break my heart and set me back to a place where I was a year ago! It was a very difficult decision, and ultimately, I never made one because I woke up instead.

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