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12:20:2003 Entry: "Ann : BioLoveMatch"


This was a silly little post over at one of the Pink Floyd boards the other day. It was "which Floyd are you most compatible with?" The site is like one of those 'how compatible are you with whomever' based on biorhythms: BioLoveMatch. Yeah, I know, it's silly. Anyway, these are my results:

Physical: 96
Emotional: 33
Intellectual: 84
Total: 71

Physical: 85
Emotional: 97
Intellectual: 49
Total: 78

Physical: 57
Emotional: 62
Intellectual: 88
Total: 70

Physical: 68
Emotional: 84
Intellectual: 14
Total: 56

Physical: 33
Emotional: 94
Intellectual: 58
Total: 62

Actually, not too surprising. So, if I'm most emotionally compatible with Syd, does that mean I also suffer emotional problems too? Nice physical compatibility with Roger, heh. And what's with the high intellectual compatibility with Nick (of all people)...does that mean I have a good understanding of collecting antique racing cars?

So I tried it again, this time using noneother than Stan as my "lovematch" and came up with this:

Physical: 99
Emotional: 53
Intellectual: 23
Total: 59

Whoah...everyone except David Gilmour in Pink Floyd scored higher than Stan! I mean, nice physical compatibility there, but intellectual only 23? Stan, what's up with THAT?

So I tried it on another of my favorite musicians, Brian Eno:

Brian Eno:
Physical: 20
Emotional: 78
Intellectual: 65
Total: 55

I'm a bit bummed about that low score.

OK, just out of the blue I decided to try David Bowie for no apparent reason:

David Bowie:
Physical: 96
Emotional: 90
Intellectual: 72
Total: 86

And he's the highest of them all! (overall) Weird.

It's just silly. Not to be taken too seriously. I think Astrology if more accurate.

By Ann @ 20:44 AM CST:12:20:03 ..::Link::..