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12:20:2003 Entry: "Ann : DREAMs: Are there any paranoids in the audience?"

DREAMs: Are there any paranoids in the audience?

I was with Stan sitting on some bleachers with a bunch of other people. I have no idea where it was. There were some young women (20s, 30s) sitting near him. There was a young woman (early 20s, long dark brown straight hair) who was in front of him. There was a popsickle that was pastel pink, pastel blue and white (like the colors of the flag, except pastelled) that Stan picked up and sniffed. Then he whispered something really strange to me, like "The woman in front of me is evil," or "wants me to go away" or something weird and paranoid like that. He supposedly "understood" this from sniffing the popsicle that the woman had touched or something. Then he started saying really paranoid stuff about the other women around him, how they all wanted to destroy him. He started saying this loudly so that they could hear him; he even started poking their shoulders and shoving them to show me, like, "she's the one I'm talking about." I got really angry at him and told him to shut up and that he's being paranoid and that the people around him have nothing against him, it's all in his mind, and that it would be best if we leave. I was really stern and angry. As we left, we were walking down a boardwalk that was rotting. I was afraid I would fall through it. Stan was ahead of me in the distance; it was like he was not waiting for me to catch up with him. He also seemed really short, like a dwarf. When I finally caught up to him, I swung my purse and hit him. I guess I was mad. Then, I forgot what happened, but somehow Stan had morphed into Hieronymus, but I lost track of him altogether. Someone asked me where Hieronymus was, and I realized he was not with me. Very weird.

I was with some people (I don't think Stan was with me...this is a different dream altogether) and we were having dinner with Roger Waters' mother! LOL! I knew that Roger had been around, but had gone off someplace with his ex-wife! I asked his mother (who seemed rather small--surprisingly because I thought she'd be tall like her son) where Roger was and she said she didn't know. She wasn't concerned, but I was. I wanted to meet him! I could barely eat my meal. I can't remember whether in the end I met him or seems vague. I think it was around this time I was waking up from the bad radio.

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