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10:02:2004 Entry: "Ann : Pug Pack"

Pug Pack

I guess I just don't know whether this picture is REALLY CUTE or REALLY BIZARRE. Maybe both.


Good God! I think if this has been in Norway then the Animalprotection would have reported it to the police. And if not, I certainly would have!

Posted by hildur @ 10:02:2004:06:15 PM CST

I don't think it's necessarily cruel. It would depend on the dog. Some dogs like to be held in odd ways and like being held close to their humans. And my cat feels secure in a duffle bag if we have to take her to the vet...much better than a pet carrier which she *HATES.* It would really depend on the animal--they each have different tastes and comfort zones, just like humans.

Posted by Ann @ 10:02:2004:06:56 PM CST

Sure! I ofcourse understand that!! :) But I think what is happening here in precise this picture looks very, very unnatural, I think it looks like making a dog to a human baby, and that I think is to go to far. And in my opininon this is not showing any respect for the dog! (But since I am not having any dogs myself I guess I cannot be sure:)

Posted by hildur @ 10:02:2004:07:56 PM CST

Strange how this page attracts norwegians ;) Anyway, the picture is probably just for fun. Like when I dress up my cat in a t-shirt and sunglasses. I agree with hildur that you shouldn't turn a pet into a baby though, like you shouldn't turn a baby into a pet, as they have different needs.

Posted by Nico @ 10:04:2004:05:44 AM CST

My take on this is the person has no intent to make her Puggy a surrogate humanoid babe (although if you ever own a Pug, you know how strangely human-looking they can appear), but rather has discovered a way of carrying around her pet without the aid of a clumsy pet carrier when his stubby little legs are worn out from walking great distances. If your pet would oblige this position, I see it working very well. Whether it's a human baby, an animal, a sack of potatoes, whatever it is you're carrying, the burden works best carried around your body to allow your arms free to do other things.

Plato the Boston would probably let us carry him like this, but his stick-boy legs would stick out too much making them too vulnerable. Lucifer Sam the Pug, although more compact, is just a little too heavy for this sort of position.

Another method of pet transport I saw once was a French Bulldog being carried like a suitcase via some sort of harness around his body. He looked perfectly content.

Actually the link to this page was given to me by the organizer of the assorted Pug get-together events that we went to this year. It seems several people from the group were quite interested in this contraption.

Posted by Ann @ 10:04:2004:08:29 AM CST

By Ann @ 12:15 PM CST:10:02:04 ..::Link::..