I’m very much a beginner with WordPress. Back in the early days during the first exodus away from Blogger (nearly 10 years ago), I used Greymatter. Talk about slashing wrists…next time I have to install a php script, this non-geek ann-alog girl is hiring someone. I heard of WordPress, but thought it was something you had to PAY to use. I guess maybe that’s true if you host it at their site, but I didn’t realize I could install WP on my own site via Fantastico in my CPanel (I just totally confused Stan…he’s less geeky than I am). Anyway the installation was quick and easy and didn’t leave me confused as did Zen-Cart (I worked out a trade with someone who’s hired me in the past to do graphics, so she installed it for me after my feeble Fantastico installs with it…wasted 2 of my MSQL or whatever they’re called…things…see, I can’t even get the language right, but I digress).

Anyway, WP gives you these avatars. I’m not really sure I understand it all, but if you take a look at the comments in my last posting, and control-click on the avatars for Stan or me, bring up a new tab or window, you’ll see that they’re not hosted on ornamentalillness.com. They’re hosted at gravatar.com. Now see that long string of numbers in the /avatar/ directory? see the last end: =48&d=monsterid&r=PG. Change that =48 to =80 so you can see a larger image. Heck, turn it up to 11…111. Whatever size you’re comfortable with. Now take that long string of alphanumeric characters…play around with that…change the numbers and letters. The avatar image changes. There literally must be (Sagan voice) billions and billions of these “generated” images! How infreakin’ credibly cool is that? How do they do that? I wish I knew how to do something like that, customize it to this site.

I’ve been using the “Monster ID”…I think I’ll try a “Wavatar” just to see what it does. I can always switch back. Not really big on the “Identicon” because it’s just too ubiquitous…I see those on too many other WP sites.

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4 thoughts on “Avatars

  1. These Wavatars are too funny! I don’t know which I like better, the MonsterID or the Wavatar…they each have merit.

  2. OK, I created a new account for myself just to see the new Avatar selections.

    Too silly.

    I’ve been reading about them, and someone suggested they be designed by someone who knows how to draw. Heh. I couldn’t agree more, yet at the same time, the “computer generated crudeness” does add a bit of whimsy. Someone else said they are: “generated by computers from a list of pre-made shapes and styles and are based on the e-mail hash”.

    So I guess what is going on is…your email, let’s say it’s fredloveswilma@bedrock.com (I hope that’s no one’s actual addy) converts to some kind of alphanumeric binary geek code, which is the long string of computer hash in the avatar url. So regardless of where you post, your avatar will always be the same. The only variable is whether the site is using a Wavatar, a MonsterID or an Identicon. But it will always be consistent. Does that make sense? It’s like I understand it mentally but I don’t posses the proper geek to English translator.

  3. Just created another identity. Also switched to Identicons. In a way I like them because they’re sort of like my Dingbatcave fonts (my fonts are better, of course), but there’s something charming in a silly way about the Monsters and Wavs.

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