Arrest Scott Walker

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Remember this poster I made and carried one night? It’s a screenshot of the Psychic Google Search box. You plug in the term “Scott Walker is” and it reads your mind. Well, Google never ceases to amaze. This morning I decided for the hell of it to enter the word “arrest” followed by a space in the Google Search box, and whaddyaknow, “Arrest Scott Walker” is the first suggestion it shows. Amazing.

Edited to add: The same thing happens with the word “impeach.” And of course, good old “recall.” Try it.

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4 thoughts on “Arrest Scott Walker

  1. Oh hey, I heard something amusing re: Hopper and Alberta Darling on WPR. They’re now going against their party and supporting senior care (detailed article here). Which is good, but also a little fishy because they’re big recall candidates. In fact, I heard they already have more than enough to recall Hopper. You know they’re just trying to save their own jobs at this point, and pandering to the elderly. If they weren’t on the recall list, they’d still be against it.

  2. They are turning chicken and trying to persuade stupid old people that they actually have a moral core – which they don’t. These jerks are moral bottom feeders eating the poo of more advanced chicken fish animals. They certainly don’t have enough of a moral core to have human compassion.

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