Dead Friends DREAM

Weird dream–Tim was standing on a tall utility stool, like the height of a barstool, but utility grade metal, like the kind that were abundant in the art building @ CSU. He was fixing something on a wall or ceiling. He says “I saw your friend Brian.” I then started asking him questions like “how did you know it was him?” or “how do you know Brian?” or “where did you see him?”

About a week ago or so I had a dream that I saw Brian, and I say “You’re OK,” matter of-factly, like he’d been through a minor fender-bender or something and I was just calmly acknowledging that he’s ok…not like he’s dead.

That’s what’s so weird about these dreams I’ve been having…these dead people appear and it’s not like I’m amazed to see them, or I’m wondering if I’m dead too because I’m seeing them, but it’s just so mundane…like, “oh, it’s you…good to see you.” No ghost freakout or anything. Odd. It’s almost as if in the dreamstate the level of incredulousness is removed…or the delineation between living and dead is gone. In real waking life, if one were to see, actually SEE someone who had died, one would be completely freaked out. I have SENSED the presence of Tim after he died…I have questioned my sanity and was reassured by other people who have lost loved ones that I am not losing it…it’s a normal part of the process. But there is a difference between feeling the consciousness of a dead person and actually seeing them. But in the dream that line is blurred. Seeing the dead in the dreamstate must be very routine.

Come to think of it, I think I had a dream with Stan’s dad (Gordon) in it not too long ago as well. Can’t remember much about it.

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  1. It is sweet that you are seeing Tim and Brian and perhaps Gordon too in dreams. I think it makes sense that the line between seeing and sensing their presence would be blurred in dreams. The accent Vedics say that dreaming is closer to reality than waking life.

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