Groundhog Day

Yesterday I made one side of a protest sign (Scotty as Marie Antoinette thinking “Let Them Eat Koch” with a caption “Governor Walker, Your Pink Slip is Showing!” I’ll photograph it later). Then we voted, took the dogs to a dog park, made a video of them, (will upload that later too). Stan is working early permanently now, so I’m trying to ease into his early schedule, but I was bad and stayed up after Midnight last night to watch the election results come in over the internet. I didn’t want to go to bed because whenever I do, thinking it will be ok in the morning…it isn’t. I’m superstitious now, so i thought if I stayed up, I’d get to see Kloppenburg for Justice win. I already saw two of my candidates win, Parisi for Dane County Exec (we knew he’d win…his opponent was a Walker-lover) and Soglin for Mayor (not that Cieslewicz, the current mayor, would’ve been bad…that’s what’s so weird about Madison…it’s pretty hard to have two bad mayoral candidates). But no, it stayed at a dead heat forever, and still is, with her ahead as of this post by about 200 points. Regardless of who wins, there’s going to be a recount, no doubt about it.

Right now I have a hangover of the political kind. Not enough sleep, dry eyes, just the overall blah feeling of staying up way too late. My bad. I feel like this political situation never gets resolved. I was planning on making the backside of the Marie Antoinette Walker poster…a Walker head on a spring popping out of a jack in the box…POP! Goes the Weasel! But I’m too cloudy and mind is too consumed (not just with politics, but with an annoying ebay problem) to do that today. Maybe I’ll upload the dog videos from yesterday.

Here’s a good map of the Kloppenburg/Prosser race so far.

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  1. You must have helped by staying up as late as you did. It didn’t turn out like the 2000 election the hillbillys in Florida ruined and it didn’t turn out like the 2004 election the hillbillys in Ohio ruined. I bet the hillbilly Republicans in Wisconsin even tampered with the voting machines and they still lost. I Hate the Republican Party now more than I did when Chaney was in charge – however, they are nothing more than a bunch of angry old white people so I calm myself down. It is so sad how much damage these people have done to the people of America. It’s about time their voter fraud wasn’t enough to steel an election… Yea!

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