5 thoughts on “Scott & Sarah & Paul & Michele

  1. I put the original movie in my Netflix cue…we should get it next week. But I think it’s funny even w/out having seen Bob & Carol etc. because the image is so iconic.

    Teabillies are notoriously humor/irony/satire/parody impaired. They couldn’t tell a satirical political statement/movie parody from violent rhetoric if it sat on their faces….like…I didn’t know Pug rhymes w/Thug? Duh!!!! It’s like stupid kids in grade school saying “you’re short!” Really? Epiphany! Gee, I was not aware! Wow, Pug rhymes with Thug! You think I did that on purpose?

  2. Yeah, what’s up with the incoherent speech? The way she phrases and rambles…the way she makes her voice higher at the point in a sentence when one expects it to go lower makes one wonder where her sentences begin and end. Horrible speaker. And although I didn’t make it to the Capitol when she came to town (not to see her, but to protest her and shout her down like 9 out of 10 people were doing there that weekend), I watched a live stream of it online, and man, does she have the most shrill awful voice. I had to turn the sound way down.

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