Bittersweet Anniversary

Coming up, April 23 is the anniversary of when Plato decided to get old.

It was that day that he started walking strange and not wanting to jump up on futons. Not knowing how long he would live, shortly afterward we had Tim and Vern come over to see him for the last time. Plato was sick for about a month, and we had him put to sleep on May 27. And Tim died 7 months later on New Year’s Eve.

April 23 is also the day Jasper was born–such a strange coincidence. He was born 7th out of 7 pups, 6 of which made it. He was even born after the runt, who died! That must be why he is so submissive. Whenever we take him to dog parks, he’ll run toward new dogs, but then turn and let them chase him, almost too much. I’m hoping he’ll outgrow this, that he’ll sniff noses and butts first so the chase isn’t so long. We’re only letting him off leash in small dog areas…big dogs are just too intimidating to him.

I don’t know what we’re going to do on Saturday…dog play in the morning and then maybe protest in the afternoon. I sure hope it’s warm for a change…all the protest days have got me freezing my nose off.

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  1. I miss Plato every day. When I’m with Jasper I feel closer to Plato too, as if the dogs are connected to each other.

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