Vivid Dreams with Houses

I had a long, complicated dream last night that mostly involved people I’d never met inside of colorful interiors.

For some reason I had to enter a house…I’m not sure why. I didn’t know anyone there. I’m not even sure where this was. The house was a ranch, but the architecture was much more interesting than that. I remember as I walked into one entrance, I remember magenta carpeting…not shag rug form the late 60s magenta, but classy. There was a doorway that led to a walk-in shower with terra cotta tiles. One could walk into the shower from the backway, and then walk into the bedroom through the other shower entrance. I also remember rich, jewel tones and southwest tones. The house seemed dark, but not in a gloomy occupant is fixin’-to-die way…it was dark in a happy way, if that makes any sense. Then an elderly lady emerged. She was maybe a little taller than me, thin but not skinny, not bent over, white hair that maybe used to be blonde, and glasses. She was not a relative or an in-law. But she knew me and was glad to meet me, not freaked out at all that I was in her house.

After waking up and returning to sleep, I dreamt I had to help some people move or something. Again, I did not know these people. They were roommates, mostly women who were anywhere from 30-50 or so. Their house was older, like maybe built in the 20s, but it was a bilevel. Go figure. I remember a lot of light green paint, like both colors on our 2nd floor. Their house was rather a mess as they were rearranging it. They also had pet pigs. They were very young and small, smaller than my Pug. They were cute, pink with soft whispy white fur, and black spots. I was petting one and it bit me. One woman, who had a strange early 60s short hairdo, helped pry the pig’s mouth from my hands, and then started tickling me. I had mixed emotions, glad that she stopped the pig from biting me, but annoyed at the tickle. I tried to stay away from her. Weird things kept happening, like a pair of dangerous fugitives broke into the house and were being pursued by a couple of policemen. I also remember talking to Stan’s brother-in-law (technical question: is he my brother-in-law too? I’m so confused with relative vocabulary and definitions) and an uncomfortable topic comes up…I reply with a witty answer, and suspect I hit on a sore spot and then feel bad. I also remember Matt and some of his junk he had when he lived with Tim. We were all planning on going out, and I had to find a bathroom first. The bathroom was in a very crowded corner of the house…one had to go through a narrow hallway, and the bathroom door was narrow and not rectangular. It was ornate and had a unique shape to it. Later, it was like the house morphed into my own house. I had the front door open as people were moving stuff in and out of it. I realized I had no clothes on and quickly covered with a blanket or coat or something, but unfortunately people driving by saw me, and were slowing down. I hate being naked in dreams.

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  1. Those are very wild dream images. I can’t imagine why my brother in law would be in your dream.

    Who do you think the woman was who owned the ranch style house?

    The baby pigs sound cute, but I still prefer pugs.

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