Another Weird House Dream

Another dream involving the interior of a house.

It was a small house, maybe a sort of modified bungalow style. I remember the color yellow. It was sort Twin Peaks Black Lodge style, though. I would walk down a hall to find a couple bedrooms; the back bedroom had a woman sleeping in it, so I left it alone. When I walked down the hall again, I would find a small hallway separating the two bedrooms. I walked down it and got to the end, and the wall on my left was open to the sleeping woman’s bedroom, so I walked back. When I went down that small hallway a second time, it was covered with draperies, and instead of meeting with a dead end and an open wall to the sleeping woman’s bedroom, it led to another hallway which went perpendicular to it. One could either go left or right. I went left, and found a large room where a bunch of people had gathered…like a cafeteria or lunch room. It then seemed less like a house and more like a house within a factory or something.

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