DREAM: Bad Beginning, Good Ending

I dreamt I was sitting at a bar with Stan and someone we used to know came over to talk to us and told us the company he was working for was hiring and that I might be interested in applying for a job (sorry, The Circus doesn’t interest me –rimshot–). Actually, in the dream he was working for some place that would need a desktop publisher (yeah, like my eyes could handle the crap I used to do for Depressions and Stinko’s…there’s no way w/my messed up vision that I could do that kind of work even if it was available and I wanted to work those places again), and I was pretty excited except for the fact that I didn’t want to have to relocate. He then said I wouldn’t need to relocate to work for them…maybe it was some sort of telecommuting…I don’t know. Anyway, I then started to be interviewed by a couple of women sitting at some tables (I guess still at the bar or restaurant, or wherever). And I already had all my materials with me, because you know, I always go to restaurants with my resume, CV, and creative support materials just in case some is looking to hire. Job interviews have to be some of the most humiliating experiences in the world, and this one was no different, so fortunately that part of the dream ended and somehow segued into the next, which involved being in an old house which was sort of a co-op living situation with a bunch of people I didn’t know. I think most of the people were leftists and sympathetic to the Wisconsin cause. They had prepared a bunch of food and had it set out potluck style on a table. Everyone was taking a little bit of it and I was totally loading up my plate. I was starved. It was winter, and everyone was dressed in warm clothes. I kept going back for seconds. The food was exotic and unusual and very tasty. I felt a bit guilty because I hadn’t contributed any food myself, but I had just joined up.

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