The Evolution of a Pet Word

The newest verb in our house is “Schmoofer.” As in:

“Jasper is schmoofering away somewhere.”

“Jasper schmoofered himself upstairs.”

Sometimes it can be a noun. As in:

“Where’s the Schmoofer?”

“Look at that silly Schmoofer!”

The term has a long, odd history. It started out initially as “Goofy McGooferson,” a nickname for Jasper, which was inspired by the term “Fringy McFringerson,” which was a name Rachel Maddow used to describe someone on the kooky outer limits of a political ideology.

The word evolved quickly. We’ve only had Jasper a little over a year. “Goofy McGooferson” eventually mutated into “Schmoofy McSchmooferson,” which eventually lost the “Schmoofy Mc” and became the solitary “Schmooferson,” again eventually losing the “on” and turning into
“Schmoofers” and then finally becoming a verb: Schmoofer. To schmoof. What is schmoofing? It’s whatever Jasper does. The act of being Jasper is schmoofering.

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1 thought on “The Evolution of a Pet Word

  1. He is such a loving dog with us and the rest of the pets. He seems to go off by himself sometimes and get into toys, house hold items and what ever is around. It’s like he’s in the same room with me one second, and then he’s gone. So, when he’s off exploring we assume he’s getting into something in another room, and this is schmoofring something else in another room. He might be getting into something he should leave alone or he might just be playing with a toy.

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