Dream with Spiral Landscape and Wolf

I was on the high plains of Colorado, a part of the world that belongs to my childhood. I was looking off in the distance at a beautiful limestone shelf, and noticed a cone formation too. I don’t know if there are any cones in that part of the world, but if there are there would be very few. Plenty of limestone shelfs though. I was thinking the cone looked like the one in New Mexico north of white sands. The cone was beautiful and while I watched I noticed a spiral from above it in the sky and then the cone became part of the spiral – then the ground too.

A german shepherd dog started to bark at me. He was in the yard of a farm house I was standing near. This dog nipped at my hand as if it wanted me to go away, but wasn’t going to be mean. Then from the direction of the spiral a wolf jumped over the fence of the yard and nipped at my hand harder than the german shepherd. The wolf began to chase the german shepherd and I was afraid he would hurt the dog. The german shepherd was injured like he was recovering from surgery with bandages, and could not defend himself from the wolf.

The wolf was white in front and had darker fur in back. The white front of the wolf looked more like clouds than fur. I think neither the wolf nor the dog wanted to hurt me, but I didn’t want the wolf to hurt the dog.

I began to protect the german shepherd and realized that I couldn’t stop the wolf with my hands. I saw some scissors on the ground and grabbed them to try and stab the wolf. I kept myself between the wolf and the dog.

The wolf suddenly was gone and there was a white suv looking hearse where the wolf was. I realized I couldn’t stab the hearse and the dream came to an end.

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  1. Where on the high plains? Was it where you grew up or where I did/live?

    Pretty wild dream. Must mean something.

  2. Stan, I know last night I told you that I thought the cone was somewhere on hwy 34, but on second thought, I think I might’ve seen something on the Nebraska plains, either off I-80 or hwy 30, or even hwy 34. I honestly can’t remember. Maybe we’ll see it some time.

  3. I was born in Colorado and spent the first six months in the hospital where I was born. I don’t like to think of that as where I grew up, but I’m sure it has a major impact on the person I am now.

    Then the next 2 years I lived in a small town off of Hwy 50, and that (Hwy 50) is the dark beautiful river of my life. If the path of my life could be a physically realized metaphor it would be Hwy 50.

    From the age of 3 until I left Colorado at the age of 28 I lived in towns on or near Hwy 34. I often think of Hwy 43 as a metaphor for – rotting optimism from another era. In those years I often believed that life would get better instead of worse for people. Now it seems people all over the world are struggling just to have rights we took for granted decades ago.


    I think this dream has meaning. I’ve been concerned about the survival of my union at work and – in short – the dream is the spirit world letting me know I can put the scissors down now. There is no longer any need for me to protect the dog.

  4. For clarification, 3 years ago I had a dream where a man whom has been dead for years told me I was wasting my time and was suppose to already be a union steward at my job. I did what the dream told me to do. I was only a steward for a short time, but what ever I’ve done the dreams are letting me know I’ve already done what these dreams required from me.

  5. “Then the next 2 years I lived in a small town off of Hwy 50, and that (Hwy 50) is the dark beautiful river of my life. If the path of my life could be a physically realized metaphor it would be Hwy 50.”

    The very same town that I grew up in and now live in!!!!!!

    can ya beat that?

    But Highway 50 sucks from about Manzanola to Florence. And in Kansas. Nice in the mountains, though.

    Who’s the man who had been dead for years? How is that possible?

  6. OK, here’s the skinny on Hwy 50. Not much for me, but for my friends.

    Stan’s biodad lives on a town on hwy 50 in KS
    Stan’s sister’s husband is from a town on hwy 50 in far eastern CO
    Leon lives in/was born on a town on hwy 50 in eastern CO.
    Stan’s adopted dad was born in/lived in when he was young in a town in the mountains in CO on hwy 50. Literally ON hwy 50.
    Stan’s adopted mom currently lives in a town on hwy 50 in SW CO
    Stan’s sister went to a college in the mountains in CO on hwy 50.
    Stan’s family lived in the town he mentions above when he was a baby/toddler, on hwy 50.
    Our friend Bill grew up in a town in Western CO on Hwy 50.

    Am I forgetting anything?

  7. Stan’s aunt who is my adopted mom’s twin sister lived on Hwy fifty with her family and she still loves to live there now with my mom.

    The man who has been dead for years is Ann’s grandfather who lived and worked in Wisconsin. Ann tells me her mom says he use to say “never say anything bad about the union”.

    I guess I had been saying something bad, “my union is only a social club for union people who vote republican”, which use to be true. Things have changed now, and I guess Ann’s grandfather wanted me to make some small contribution to make up for my bad mouth.

  8. also for the list,

    One of our best friends from undergraduate spent the last few years of his life on Hwy 50 before he passed away.

  9. Right, your aunt lived in that town before your mom lived there w/her. It’s like that highway has some life force.

    But what you said about the union “back then” was true. Let’s hope they snapped out of their republican stupor. They have no right voting republican if they value their jobs.

  10. YES!!! That slipped my mind, but yes, Mr. B. lived in the same town Bill grew up in!

    And what’s weirder, when we showed Bill that picture of Mr. B., didn’t he say something about the car he had was like a car his dad had or something? Do you remember, Stan?

  11. I understand there is a lot of remorse for the – I have a right to be protected by the union and I can vote for whom ever I want no matter who wants to get rid of unions – attitude. I think people like this thought the unions were so strong no political figure could ever harm them, and as you can see politicians actually do have the power to harm unions.

    It is true the kind of sports car was owned by our friend, our other friend’s father and I understand a famous comedian owns lots of them…. “the very same” car.

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