Dream with Tim

I was in some sort of old school building, which was a very tall building. I had to run up the stair wells as exercise like I was in some high school gym class. This was not fun, but I was doing the stairs anyway.

When I reached the top of the building there were two guys playing a piano together like they were having fun more than making music seriously. Tim was sitting next to them smoking a cigarette. He was having a good time talking with the guys and said hi to me as I ran past.

I was thinking wait, why am I still running – I should go talk with Tim, then I woke up.

4 thoughts on “Dream with Tim

  1. Isn’t it weird when dead people appear in our dreams, we never think, ‘HOLY CRAP, YOU’RE ALIVE!!!!” It’s just so matter of fact, like, “Oh, I should go talk to Tim.”

    It’s like the dreamworld is a constant and nothing ever changes. No one ever dies. The only thing that changes is who decides to wander in and out of the dream.

    Dreamworld only exists in 3 or maybe 2 dimensions, certainly not 4. Time doesn’t exist in dreamland.

  2. My mind works like a Jarmusch film, and I love the work of Lynch too. The dream looks a lot like a Jarmusch film, and I wish it was longer. I am really happy that I saw Tim and that he was having a good time in the dream.

    Maybe there is time in dreamworld, but it just appears less linear. Time isn’t linear anyway, and it just looks like that to our brains, because our brains are linear. It is with our brains or thoughts that we have the notion that any segment of time has a beginning and or an end. In reality there are no such things as time segments with beginnings or ends. There is no such thing as a beginning or an end, and it is just a fabrication or organizing method of our thoughts.

    Dreamland where there appears to be no time, is a closer understanding of what time is really like. Which, from our brain function and thoughts appears like there is no time. What looks like no time is actually closer to real time.

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