Strange Medical Dream

I dreamt I was at the doctor’s and they needed to test me for cancer of the feet. I had just had a regular medical exam, and the Doctor/LPN handed me a prescription, but I noticed it was only for 8 months. I told her about it, and she “oopsed” and changed it. Another woman was with her, probably a nurse, and she gave me this strange stuff in a tube packet (like when you get duck sauce at Chinese takeout) and some crackers. She said to put it on crackers and eat it.
It was rather messy, as I had no utensils. Somehow this was supposed to make the cancer show up? It was rather sour and tangy, indescribable. They said that I could go get the cancer test right away because the stuff I ate took effect immediately. So I went into a dark room where they had some light they shined on my feet that was supposed to glow chartreuse yellow if it detected cancer. I saw some bright yellow dots on my feet, but they were so symmetrical and evenly-spaced that it seemed like it was part of the scope or light…to position it properly as a guide or something rather than something wrong with my feet.

Woke up. Scary stuff.

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  1. Those chartreuse dots are suppose to be on a coleus plant leaf, not on your feet. I hope you are going to survive this, and get some chartreuse dots on some plants instead of skin. Is this a stress dream about going to our annual physicals this fall?

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