You Don’t Know Weird

In all fairness, I think all this noise about how Mitt Romney is “weird” is really misguided. Slick? Yes. Mannequin stuffed shirt? Definitely. Against the best interest of the country? Absolutely. But weird? If you think Romney is weird, I feel sorry for you. You have led a sheltered life.

I am thinking that the people behind the weird campaign are young, probably Xers, maybe with Boomer parents. What they are perceiving as weird is nothing more than an old fogey’s ill-fated attempt at humor. Stan and I were discussing this today, and we were saying that his various lightheartedness caught on camera, i.e.: “Who Let the Dogs Out,” “Jukebox Butt Pinch,” and “I, Too, am Unemployed,” is just an older generation’s sense of humor. We’ve been around it. A lot. It’s not weird. In fact, it’s so lame and milquetoast it’s totally lacking of any edginess, and I would think “weird” would definitely have a little edge. It’s just dumb, not weird. It’s old fart humor.

Now you want weird? Take a look at the people Rick Perry had at his prayer breakfast. That’s beyond weird. That’s bloody frightening.

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9 thoughts on “You Don’t Know Weird

  1. I’ll tell you what’s weird- millennials! They don’t get anything- they were born in the 90’s and classics to them are In sync. We don’t talk about the prayer rally. I just… omg! 😳

  2. The Obama people are the ones who started the “Weird” meme because they see Romeny as a threat. Look at the cast of Republicans in the primaries—have the primaries started yet? I don’t know, but look at them. Scary huh? Not good scary either. Gingrich? Santorum? (btw, google Santorum guys, k?) Bachmann? Are you kidding me? I had fewer flakes in my cereal this morning. Their radical right wing agenda along with their personalities, from wild eyed looney to sour and nasty make someone like Romney seem like the logical choice, that is if you are Republican. Of course if you’re Democrat, this is not an issue, but we’re talking primaries, and if you’re a Democrat, you’re voting for Obama anyway in the generals, so I’m only talking about Republicans in the primaries and the undecideds and Independents in the generals.

    That’s why the Obama reelection committee has to launch some kind of preemptive attack on Romney.

    I agree with you though, he’s not that weird. Hey, I found this article:
    She pretty much says the same thing.

    Maddow has been talking about this guy Huntsman who’s also in the running but he actually BELIEVES IN SCIENCE! OMG! Can you imagine a Republican believing in science? That’s unheard of! Can you imagine 40 years ago talking like this? Remember all those mid-century modern photos and illustrations of SCIENTISTS? What has our country become? Anyway, I was talking about Huntsman. He would actually be the biggest threat in the generals because he’s actually more rational than the lot of the craizies, but because no one’s heard of him, Romney is the biggest threat to Obama 2012.

    Sometimes I think, who would I rather have run against Obama, someone really looney like Bachmann who just wouldn’t stand a chance, BUT on the off chance she did get elected would do MASSIVE damage to the country, or someone like Romney who is just your average non-Tea Repub and wouldn’t do as much damage as a Bachmann or a Santorum, but is a bigger threat in the generals to Obama? And I don’t know the answer.

  3. Give the millenials time, Dawn, hopefully they’ll mature. 😉 We were all pretty lacking in perspective when we were that young.

    Sorry you have that Governor. We both got stuck with a couple of pretty awful RWNJs.

    Leon, what I would give for a “good scary” candidate! 😈

    OK, I googled it. You could’ve warned me not to do it right after I ate.
    DO NOT GOOGLE “SANTORUM” after eating!!!!! 😯 😮 😡

    There’s talk on the left of wanting a primary challenger to Obama, like someone with a spine. A progressive. I don’t know if that happened whether that would be a good strategy or not?

    Wow, I swear I did not read that article in the link before now, but the way it is constructed is just like the way I make my argument. Yes, she said it better than I, “By today’s Standards.” I feel like I am a generation translator. I guess that’s what middle-age is.

    I really don’t think Bachmann stands a chance in either the primary or the general election.

    But yeah, why are we even having a conversation like “He believes in science!” I mean, it should be just a given. It’s come to this?

  4. Hahaha! I can’t believe you didn’t know about Santorum yet! That is so funny! It’s the best thing to happen, ever! He will forever be immortalized! Here in Texas, our education system is lacking and run by stupid people, so we get stupid kids who grow up to be stupid. It’s like 1984. They think stupid is smart, and smart is stupid. No one ever should have let me read that book. 😀

  5. No…I’m a Santorum virgin. 🙁 Fortunately, I guess. I’m sure Stan is too.

    If local government defunds education, then they can demonize it so they can defund it even more. (“It’s not working, so let’s defund it!”) And then when the people get stupid, then they can get them to follow them like sheeple and feed them lies and they’ll believe them because they are uneducated.

    That’s what they’re starting to do here in WI. Which is why we had the recalls the other day and why our RWNJ Governor and his greedy corporate band of Fitzwalkersteins need to be stopped.

    I loved Orwell’s 1984.

  6. I agree that the “weird” is just a shot to try and run him down early. Next they may try calling him “big head” even thought it isn’t true.

    Romeny has a real big problem of seeming out of touch and even if the word weird fails to stick, he will still leave young voters keeping their distance.

    I’m hoping Obama wins and if he doesn’t something is seriously wrong with this country like computer voting fraud.

  7. How about Batshit crazy. I miss the days when republicans jumped on the bandwagon just to get votes. Now they actually BELIEVE in the crap they spew out, and that’s just scary. Hence, batshit crazy politicians.

  8. Rick Perry is the crazyiest, scariest one of them all. Then probably Bachmann. All of them that have a theocratic bent to their politics are scary.

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