Cat and Mouse

Last night Jasper started chasing Apollo through the halls. The way Apollo was acting, I thought maybe he was barfing. Sometimes the dogs chase the cats when they barf in order to, well, you know. Apollo was growling as he ran. I never heard him growl like that before. Jasper chased him up the stairs and he continued growling. It was odd behavior, so I went up the stairs to see what was going on. The door was closed upstairs, fortuantely, otherwise the chase would’ve continued up there to potentially disastrous results. Apollo was at the top of the stairs. His mouth looked odd, like it was dark. Now my eyes aren’t that good, so I couldn’t see it too well and I thought maybe it was open and he was going to barf. He tried to get away from Jasper more, and jumped into the window on the landing. At that point, he was a little more in the light and then I saw what was going on.It looked like he had a toy mouse in his mouth. Yes, Jasper liked to play with the cat’s toys, but he’s never chased Apollo over one of the cat’s own toys before. As I looked closer, I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. Wow, that toy mouse was sure anatomically correct with those little legs. Wait a minute!

I called Stan and he came up the stairs and then brought Apollo outside. He pried open the corners of his mouth to release the mouse, which wasn’t injured enough to prevent it from quickly scampering away towards the side of the house where it probably retried its entry.

Left to his own devices, Apollo would’ve probably played with and tortured the mouse, as cats do. But had Jasper gotten ahold of it, he might have swallowed it whole, and alive. Jasper tends to “gulp” things that he doesn’t want you to grab from him. I’ve literally had to pull objects out of his mouth that are heading stomach-way. Once in a dog park he got ahold of a crispy leather bird and ran around with it, but as we tried to get close to him, he’d take off. Once when Stan got close enough, he gulped it, never to be seen again.

The mouse probably got inside the house when Stan had removed some of the foundation board.

After we freed the mouse, Apollo sat on the steps in the basement for the longest time, looking to see if he could catch another one. He never did, and eventually headed to the bedroom for the night.

For a clawless cat, he proved to be a pretty good mouser.

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2 thoughts on “Cat and Mouse

  1. I was impressed that a clawless house cat could catch a mouse in our house. I suppose if he were a well trained hunter the mouse would have been dead before he had it in his mouth, but still impressive. We have no idea if the mouse will survive or not, but at least it is outside.

    Have thought about getting some poison, but worried that a poisoned mouse might get eaten by one of our pets – then poison our pet. That would be bad.

    Looks like we should get a trap and put it in the basement some place on the wall where the cats can’t get to it.

    I think the mouse came in through the front of the house where I’m making repairs by replacing the foundation boards. It would be nice if there were only one mouse that came in, but this would be too good to be true. I suppose there may be more mice the be gotten rid of before they start multiplying this winter. Now the front of the house has new wood and the foundation should be sealed, so if the mice are to get in our out they would have to chew a new entry, which they would be happy to do if they have time. Guess we need a trap soon.

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