It’s As If They Knew

Dogs are amazing, sometimes. It’s as if they know things, or know not to do things. Or know even if they’re doing something bad, not to do it bad all the way and to leave some good left in their badness.

Over a month ago, I had that Corneal Specialist appointment (no new news…same old nodule thing as a decade ago). While getting checked in, they set me up for that online mychart thing where you can view (some of) your health information online. I had to then sign up when I got back home. I stuck the info in my purse and forgot about it. I found it a few days ago, and probably put it on the coffee table, thinking I’ll get to signing up for it eventually.

This morning I had to go upstairs and package up items to ship. Usually I put Jasper away because he’s a bad dog if left unattended. I decided to keep him out this time, hoping he’d stay snuggled on the futon where I was, but no, he followed me upstairs. Upstairs he found a big wad of dead coleus leaves and started to munch on them. Lucifer Sam too was joining in the stray coleus leaf cleanup. I didn’t want to have to deal with that, so I just told both dogs to go downstairs and shut the door behind them. It wouldn’t take me too long doing what I needed to do.

When I got downstairs, both dogs had gotten into destructo-mode. They were tearing up a piece of paper on the floor. It didn’t look like the typical victim, a forgotten facial tissue. No, this was stiffer. I pulled away the remnant, which was a torn and taggered ragged 3 inch square piece with writing on it. It was the info from the mychart online stuff. They had destroyed the info I needed. But wait! They had destroyed it all, except for the vital information I needed, URL and special code I had to enter. That’s all I needed. And it was there, on that ragged, soggy-edged 3 inch square piece of paper.

Also the info said it expired on 10/31/11. I had 5 days left to register, or else I’d have to wait until my next appointment to enroll again! Had the dogs not brought that to my attention, I probably never would’ve gotten to it. But this way they forced me to.

How weird is that?

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2 thoughts on “It’s As If They Knew

  1. It is as if the dogs were helping you use the information by bringing it to your attention. Little doggie paper works. Just think, all the unneeded parts of the paper work will be recycled into the flower garden outside as paper poo. 😀

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