About 9 AM this morning, I discovered Apollo was nowhere to be found. I know he was in the house when I got up earlier because I saw him snuggling by the furnace vent with Caligula. I looked under the bed, in the dog’s kennels, upstairs, under futons, even downstairs. I feared he got outside earlier in the morning when I was either putting out the mail or taking the dogs out. But usually when he gets outside, I’m well aware of it because he makes a big deal about it, mrrooooaaawing and rolling on the sidewalk or under the patio table. Could I have been half asleep and not noticed this? One afternoon in the summer, he got outside as I was coming back inside and I was unaware of it, and Stan saw him waiting bewilderedly by the back door and being scolded by a squirrel as he came home from work.

I tried calling him outside, but nothing. I went back through all the usual places inside again, downstairs, then outside, shaking a canister of cat treats. Horrible thoughts were flashing in my head, like he went off to die someplace. Sometimes before cats die, they come to you and sit on you like they never did before and tell you good bye in their own psychic cat way. Vladimir did this. And recently, Apollo had been acting especially friendly to me, sitting on my lap one night. He never did that before. But he’s a healthy 4 year old cat, not elderly, not sick. Could something have happened suddenly? None of it made sense. I turned off the oven where I was heating up some leftovers. I can’t eat in situations like this.

I went upstairs again and checked underneath a bookshelf in the computer room. Sometimes he likes to hide there because there’s a furnace vent there. And there he was, content as can be. It was warm there. He wasn’t budging, even for the shaking treat noise that he had been hearing downstairs.

I was so relieved. I turned on the oven again to heat up the leftovers. Ribs from last night. And when I sat down to eat, I couldn’t keep the cats off of me. Maybe that’s the key. They should make a candle that smells like ribs to use when your cats go into hiding.

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7 thoughts on “Apollo

  1. Now that’s a candle scent we guys would love too as well as cats. Ribs. Let’s see, they could make steak candles too, bacon candles, barbecue candles, charcoal briquette candles, you get the idea.

    Oh and don’t you hate it when cats do that? I’ve had several scares with Gerald and the cats Shar and I had.

    1. Unicornify is still down, hence the monsters. I sort of like mine. It has a topknot. Yours looks like a sideways blue tooth. We’re both cyclopses. How’s your vision? I don’t know why I have tusks. And what about your curly hairs? Stan’s mouth frightens me, and his brain is protruding. Fun stuff.

  2. This after noon we bought a pink cat bed to put in front of the heating vent. Now Apollo can have a comfortable place to lie in the morning when he wants to warm up this winter. Caligula loves the dog kennel pad we have in front of a vent in the living room. The cats can choose between two places to get warm in comfort.

  3. I hope he uses it. It’s great that these cats appreciate floor pads. We tried something before and Persephone peed on it IIRC. I frequently see both Caligula and Jasper sharing the pad in the morning.

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