Dream with Lipstick and Basset Hound

I dreamt I was at my grandmother’s house and was looking at items on the sideboard/dresser that was in the room my mom slept in when she visited, and which she presently has in her bedroom at home. There were old tubes of lipstick that were really large and seemed more like small bottles. One was a really pretty pearlescent color that was sort of translucent with nacreous blues, lilacs and pinks. I wanted to take them with me. In the dream my grandmother was still alive, although I can’t remember much else.

Then the dream mutated into another dream, or did that dream mutate into the one above? I can’t remember. Stan and I had parked the car near a lake. It was winter and there was a rocky incline down to the water, covered in ice and snow. We had a third dog, a basset hound. We had found some small wild melons by the side of the road that were no larger than marbles. We would throw them down the rocky incline and the dog would chase them. Then he came back up to where we were parked, and there was a car coming by that looked like a police car in the form of a very long car like a limo. The dog was chasiing the car, and the car drove slow to avoid hitting the dog. The dog kept getting near the rear wheels. I was worried that it would get run over.

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4 thoughts on “Dream with Lipstick and Basset Hound

  1. I remember ditch melons from Colorado, and I actually tried to eat one once. They are not tasty, but I imagine they aren’t poisonous either.

    It sounds like a great dream Ann as long as the dog is fine. We were really close to wanting a Basset Hound once. If only we were able to move to a place that let us have dogs at that time in our lives I think we would have wanted one of those puppies. A neighbor at the time had Basset puppies while we were living in a no pet rental.

    1. No dogs were harmed in the making of that dream.

      It’s strange to think what life would have been like if the L#r*m@r&s weren’t the way they were. She, especially. Wasn’t she like something out of Walkersha? NPoW.

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