Co-worker Surprise

A friend at work asked me if Ann was feeling better, because I stayed home with her for a few days last week. I told her that Ann had eaten scrambled eggs last night so I knew she was much better.

Then I explained how I quit being a union steward because I wanted to spend more time with Ann after she was sick in Colorado over a year ago. I’m not very intense as a politician anyway and when she was sick it caused me to change my time priorities. After all it’s more fun to hang out with Ann than a bunch of political types in union meetings.

Then my friend started to say that she thought being political means standing up for what you believe in and that Scott Walker, for instance was to be admired for this even though most people don’t like him.

I was probably giving her strange looks and asked for more information on how she arrived at this view… She explained that Scott Walker was able to be unpopular and tell everyone that there was a money shortage… well this makes him an honest politician.

I wanted to cuss, but refrained and tried to explain that Scott gave away millions in tax cuts to corporations then turned around to working class people and told them they would have to pay for this. Also, Tommy the republican ran the state into major debt, Doyle brought our state out of debt and Scott Walker just ran us back into debt. If Scott Walker did nothing after he was elected the budget for 2011 would have been a balanced one for the first time in decades, but he broke the budget to give hand outs to corporations.

She started changing the subject from the honesty of Scotty to the corporations, because maybe the corporations needed the money.

The conversation went no where after this and I went a away feeling very sad that someone who is in a union could be so mislead by – probably some stupid church minister and maybe fox news or perhaps some husband with neocon concepts… I don’t know, but I hate these kinds of political conversations with co-workers. It just makes no sense and I end up feeling bad.

I suppose I could mention this to our current union steward or union president, because they might be interested is offering her some more substantial facts. I just feel that I don’t want to press these kinds of conversations too far, even thought it is tempting.

1 thought on “Co-worker Surprise

  1. I’m glad you’re writing again Stan. And I hope Ann is feeling better.

    As for your coworker, it’s unfortunate she’s so deluded by the junk her drug dealer got her addicted to. That shit’s not only bad for her head, but it ruins other people’s lives in the wake of its lies as well.

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