Pot. Kettle. Black.

Romney compares Obama to Marie Antoinette. WTF.

Hi. I’m Mitt Romney. I’m a short, fat Asian woman with dyed blonde hair and many piercings. I’m 23 years old, single, Buddhist, and live in Argentina. I also have no freaking idea who I am, or concept of self or of others, neither do I have a vantage point of comparison, but I do know that Obama is like Marie Antoinette.

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6 thoughts on “Pot. Kettle. Black.

  1. Man cave? Can we eat Kimchi? … and keep cases of Cheese-its to munch on?

    I think life is better with Ann, and blogs too.

      1. Kimchee? kim-chee? Not sure how it’s spelled. Spicy pickled cabbage and other vegetables…Korean dish. It’s good, but the stuff Stan buys smells like rotting garbage so I’m having a hard time eating it again because this stuff stanks up the house so much.

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