What Am I Doing on This Website? My Own Age-Activated ADD

I found this on the web, and the video and the blogger’s own recounting of her own situation are very funny:

Age-Activated ADD, or, “Why did I come into this room?” | Just Some Broad.

But here’s how I got there:

I sit down to work at my laptop, adding some items for sale for my ebay site, which I had started doing last week but hadn’t finished. I then receive a call from someone and we chat for a short time. That distracts me a bit, and my dog sees I’m a bit hyper, so he wants to play. I throw the ball a bit, but sit back down to work on my laptop. I notice there’s a lot of email, mostly spam, in my inbox, so I take care of that. Then I get back to my ebay site. I forget which items I’ve added and which still need to be added. Meanwhile, I get a call. I don’t recognize the number, so I don’t answer it, wait for the cell to stop ringing, then research the number online, find out it’s a telemarketer, so I add the number to my “do not answer” list. I’m ready to start working on my site again, but forget where it was I left off. I also notice there’s a website I brought up in Safari, but I forgot why or what I was looking at on it, so I decide to google “What am I doing in this room”? which brings up the aforementioned site. Oh my gosh, that’s me! So I decide to write about it in my blog. After I finish doing that, I have to go to the bathroom. Then I realize I haven’t eaten breakfast yet, so I grab some hommus from the kitchen. I go back to my laptop to continue writing about this in my blog while I eat the hommos and notice there’s more email piling up, so I check that out. I finish the hommos and get up to put the empty container in the sink. Now maybe I can get some work done?

That’s only a small segment. Usually there’s more distractions, like going into a room to get a pair of scissors for whatever reason, being distracted by a cat, finding a plant that needs to be watered, or newts that need to be fed, or putting clothes away, and then wondering why I went into the room, going back to what I was doing, and eventually realizing I need some scissors.

I was so much more productive when I was younger.

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2 thoughts on “What Am I Doing on This Website? My Own Age-Activated ADD

  1. I think this is normal, and as we get older it is inescapable that we muddle more.

    I think the saying “youth is wasted on the young” could be changed to ‘effeciency and being productive is wasted on the young – because they have the ability, but they aren’t using it’…. or something like that

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