Cedar Apple Rust

Wow, this stuff is strange and beautiful. I was taking a walk for part of my break time at work a few days ago and walked by a pine shrub like fitzer tree with these great pine cone structures on them. It looked like they were in bloom, but they were sort of slimy. I’ve never been a fan of pine trees and especially not caring for fitzer types. That is if I had space to plant trees I like pines and fitzer like plants would be my lowest priority for my tree collection.

Seeing these beautiful orange things on a fitzer tree made me think that I wanted to grow something beautiful like this.

I took Ann back to the location to see these wild things, but they were dried up and not so beautiful any longer. She looked up these things on the web and they are actually a fungus and not flowers or pine cones. It is exciting to learn that a fungus can be so beautiful.

2 thoughts on “Cedar Apple Rust

  1. That’s some awesome weird stuff! We’ll have to remember next spring after it gets warm and rains to check it out. I’m so glad you took pictures as it was so ephemeral.

  2. We picked a few of these fungus apples before we knew what they were. I was wondering if I might find seeds or insects inside, but after discovering they are fungus pods I just left them on the ground by our garage.

    Then it rained, and what a surprise… these things come back to life when wet, so the orange strings filled out to their bright orange rubbery states without being attached to the tree.

    Strange apples.

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