Sick of the Tea Bully Bullshit

First of all, I’m monitoring the High Park Fire on Twitter. I know people DIRECTLY impacted by it. First of all, there’s our dear friend Bill who lives on Horsetooth Mountain near Lory State Park. We called him Sunday and he evacuated, packing as much stuff as he could into his truck and his sister’s vehicle. I cannot tell from maps whether his house is ok or not. It is breaking my heart to think something would happen to it. He just put a new addition onto it recently.

Second there’s my mom who lives in Fort Collins. Since she is elderly, I worry about all that smoke impacting the city. I’m not so worried about my dad who is in a nursing home.

And I just found out that our next door neighbor’s son works at a ranch just 5 miles south of the fire border. Wow. That’s a coincidence.

But there’s all these assholes on Twitter that have a cussing hissy fit anytime anyone mentions anything political, telling people to take their political bullshit elsewhere, and that #highparkfire is for INFORMATION about the fire. Oh, really? Since when is Twitter a public service? As far as I know, Twitter is a private company, and although they have rules about abuse, there is nothing saying anything about using hashtags relating to disasters to discuss politics. Nothing. You should appreciate that, teabillies, with your free enterprise libertarian no regulations. From what I have seen in my sporadic and sometimes obsessive twitter monitoring over the last few days is people being attacked by these self-appointed right wing twitter cops for posting anything from sarcastic comments about Romney wanting fewer firefighters to people simply posting a link to what a Colorado congressperson says about pine beetles. If anyone is abusive, it is the the bullies cussing at the people posting with political views. One thing those who have been scolded have in common is they all seem to be from the center or left politically. I’m sure if someone posted a right wing view point with the high park fire hashtag, their political post would not be attacked and they would not be told to go elsewhere. And funny how so much “God” and “Pray” tweets there are, and no one from the left is screaming “Take your religious post bullshit elsewhere…*highparkfire is for information only!” Maybe because although atheists have no need for “Pray for the victims” or “God please make it rain” tweets, they realize that people have a right to say what they want on Twitter. This concept unfortunately seems to be lost on the fascists.

One more thing. This dream seemed like some kind of premonition of what was about to take place a few days later.

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8 thoughts on “Sick of the Tea Bully Bullshit

  1. It’s as if words like “God” and “Prayer” are bully words to threaten people with…. just like Jesus would do??? 😈

  2. I don’t think you understood my post. No one is complaining about the hashtag being cluttered with God and Pray for the fire posts. But the teabillies are complaining about the hashtag being used with politics, and only left politics like “that’s why we can’t cut firefighters”-type remarks. See, liberals aren’t going to complain about God and Pray because they’re more tolerant than the right wing. It’s only the right wing tea party types that have a problem with the hashtag used with politics, liberals don’t. If liberals were to act like tea partiers, they’d be coming down on using the words God, Pray, etc., because it’s “not on topic” like the tea partiers claim politics is.

  3. Yes they are not really using these words in a mean way, and your point is the far right views get a free pass and are not told to make any political comments.

    My comment is too twisted… sorry.

    I agree that anyone should be able to express any opinion about the fire along with their political views and these people telling other people not to make political comments are out of line.

  4. Yes your comment was too twisted. I don’t understand it.

    Yes, and the tea billies are out of line, and not only that , rude to boot. They swear and tell people to take bullshit politics elsewhere. Would you talk to a stranger that way?

    And furthermore, Twitter is SOCIAL MEDIA and that is all that is. If people want to use it to relay information about a fire, that’s fine. If they want to use it to voice their political views, that’s fine too. It’s not a public service for disaster information! If it was, it would be a different story and yes, then there would probably be rules about keeping it only on topic. But can you imagine of teabillies agreeing to have such a service? Of course not! Everything is free market for them, no government needed! So if you’re going to take part in it, be prepared to see off topic posts or tweets that are not of their political liking. That’s the way it is. If they don’t like it, they can run their own internet service and they can set the rules.

    I just hate it when people say “you can’t or shouldn’t write about this or that” because they don’t like what I (or whoever) said. Get your own blog or whatever, moocher.

  5. IOKIYAR Didn’t you know? Democrats, liberals, hippies, progressives, nature people, they all have no rights, so get out of their twitter feed!

    Little Cory sure likes to make it about politics. Have you heard? We need more ROADS in the back country! Let’s make the whole state a blacktop so we won’t have combustible tinder!

    Sure hope your friend Bill’s place is safe. Very sad situation for everyone there. I swear I smell smoke all the way down here.

  6. I’m hoping the house is fine, except perhaps for a strong smoked smell. I think it will turn out that way, but the habitat on top of the ridge is surely ashes. It will take decades for a lot of the plants to grow back to the kinds of interesting bio masses they were.

    I grew lots of cacti from seed that are seeds from his place, and hope he might be interested in planting them back on the mountain. This would give at least 3 species a head start growing back into form.

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