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I have been away from WiFi for over a month…long story, my dad died and I was tied up dealing with a very difficult situation which I will write more about later….maybe.

I received a comment to the previous post by supposedly a young, very young, woman that she thinks Ryan is hot as a vampire and that “he’s got her vote.” Because I was not able to approve it or reply to it in a timely manner due to the above, I will simply state that I sure hope her raging hormones means she is a minor and too young to vote.

You do not vote for a political ticket because you think the candidates are HOT. To what I hope would be most of us, this is obvious. Unfortunately, I fear this attitude is more prevalent than it should be. Need I state that this is not a beauty pageant. Too many people, I am afraid, are going to be voting against their best interests because they think this liar is handsome.

Oh, and as far as a vampire? He has the widow’s peak, but he doesn’t even rate. He’s what we would call a “who bit that one?” type. To Stan and I, Paul Ryan looks more like a Chicago gangster from the 1930s. (Welcome Dustbowl 2012) We nickname him “Mugsy.” I actually felt a bit guilty vamping him up here because it’s an insult to vampire-type guys. But I thought the suck metaphor was appropriate.

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5 thoughts on “More About the Paul Ryan Post Below

  1. I think the 1930s gangster look is accurate and he is not hot because of that bad throw back look…. but I don’t want to say he might be hot if he lost that look. I think if he is going to be “hot” he needs to look much more like the young David Bowie!

  2. Sort of a non-sequitor…When you asked me how to spell “Bowie” and I saw you at my blog, I thought you were maybe listing a bunch of attractive vampire-esque males…Dave Vanian, for example, or Peter Murphy and David Bowie in “The Hunger”…but…


    The only way Paul Ryan would ever gain attractiveness is if he altered his political platform.

    But that’s just me…

    As long as we’re off topic of politics, here’s some more non-sequitors:

    I was trying to think of movies with male vampires and had a hard time thinking of attractive ones. The only one I could think of is “Interview with a Vampire” with Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise. For the life of me, I can’t think of any others.

  3. You are right, there is not better attractiveness option than if he changed his platform.

    I love those vampire movies too.

  4. You guys realize how long it’s been since that part of our lives? Actually feeling a bit nostalgic. Sniff.

    And what’s with this Paul “under 3 hour marathon” Ryan guy? WTF?

  5. 30 years ago, Leon! Those were good times!

    If Paul Ryan is the intellectual part of the Repub. party as they claim, then they’re all mental defectives and we’re all in trouble if they gain ground.

    I’m sorry that Wisconsin has put this awful lot on the national stage…THEY’RE NOT MY WISCONSIN! Ryan, Walker and Priebus (“whiner in chief” as Big Ed called him.)

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