My Previous Blogs

  • Eyeblog
    My first official blog I hosted at my other domain, powered by Blogger via FTP. September 2000 – approx. Nov. 2001
  • Ornamental Illness v. 1
    My first version using Greymatter. Graphics stripped to save bandwidth. Approx. Nov. 2001 – April 2002.
  • Ornamental Illness v. 2
    Greymatter based blog from April 22, 2002 – April 12, 2006
  • Ornamental Illness v. 3
    A few months of my final Greymatter-based blog before I gave up on its constant blowing up.
  • Ornamental Illness v. 4
    Blogger-powered OrnamentalIllness before Blogger pulled the plug on FTP. Last post was approx. in May 2009 when Plato entered his final year of life.
  • I Promise Not to Swear (at Blogspot)
    Transitional blog during blogger’s FTP elimination period. Not much there…short lived.
  • I Promise Not to Swear: My latest blog using WordPress. I have now changed its title back to Ornamental Illness because I couldn’t keep my promise of not swearing…too much to be angered about, especially since one of my best friends died, and Scott Walker became Governor…all at the same time.