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Damn Squirrels

They just don’t get it. They are so single-minded. They keep pursuing the same potted plants over and over. There is never a nut there. It’s only soil and plants. There is nothing there for them. It is futile, but they keep coming back, day after day. Squirrel-away doesn’t deter them, if only for a while. Once the rain washes it all away, they come back again. And again. What is their problem? You’d think they’d have an extinction burst where they busily dig in my pots and then realize, “This is bullshit!” and then leave, once and forever.

Squirrel bafflers like sparkly pinwheels don’t seem to phase them much either. It’s like they’re not even animals with a brain. It’s like they’re a robot bent on destruction, bent on doing the same thing over and over with no reward.

Sure, they’re cute, but…

I want them to leave my plants alone.