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Skunk Tea

Yesterday I went into town to get some stuff and saw a small subcompact car that was maybe a decade old in the far corner of the parking lot with a small bumpersticker that said “TEA: Taxed Enough Already.”

Something smelled like skunk tea.

Since it was parked away from customer parking it was probably owned by a worker, maybe a manager of one of the stores nearby.

When are these people going to learn? You are being PLAYED, people! Keep on snorting that Koch, brother! Don’t you get it? It’s making you stupid! You can’t even tell the difference between your own best interests and the Billionaire’s propaganda that you just keep buying and buying hook line and stinker.

Although I’m far away, best of luck to Wisconsin today. We are all Wisconsin now.

“I don’t know how increasing taxes creates jobs.”

I’m sorry guys, I went to press the embed link over at YouTube, but then I hit copy and it messed up for me so I’m using a link-to link instead. I guess Teh Internets is still too much of an advanced concept for me:

Watch This: ➡ Rep. Gardner on CNBC

Cory, dude, listen.

If you increase taxes, you increase revenue. Revenue is used by government (which you and your party wants to destroy) to create projects in the public sector that we badly need like bridges, roads, rural broadband infrastructure. This creates many jobs—good paying, not WalMart shit wages. People feel secure with their good wages and buy stuff from businesses, small, medium, large, businesses make money and create more stuff for people to buy and more services for them to use, so they hire more people in the private sector. Win-win, Cory.

Wisconsin’s First Recall

That Dave Hansen (D-Green Bay), who had 19,000 recall signatures* filed against him because he was part of the Wisconsin 14 who fled the state in protest of Scott Walker’s Draconian Budget Despair Bill WON the FIRST recall election of the summer, defeating Republican challenger David VanderLeest with 66% of the vote is


*So, he had 19,000 signatures filed against him, and his opponent got 10,000 votes. Huh…I wonder if some of those signatures came from Walkersha.