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A Fibonacci Sequence Would Take Too Much Render Time in Bryce

But nonetheless, Photoshop and Bryce should automatically come with a built-in Fibonacci effect. Otherwise, trying to calculate it mentally/manually would be much too complicated. It’s hard enough calculating the rate of the spiral replicate of the cactus knob things below. What are they called, Stan? Yes, I know, it’s not an anatomically correct cactus. That’s not the point.

Actually, KPT Scatter does some great Fibonacci radial effects. Maybe I’ll post some later. And there’s a filter in FilterForge, “Sunflower” by Sjeiti that must use some actual fibonacci equations because it’s included in the description tags. It is one cool filter.

I probably wrote about this before, but somewhere I read that someone had an art prof that says never to use kaleidoscopes or spirals in art. The guy probably paints with his own bodily fluids (“it’s really hard to get blue tones”) and his favorite subject is probably himself. Supposedly these things are never found in nature. I laugh. Guy probably never gardens. What an idiot. First of all to state that one must only paint shapes that are derivative of something “natural” is ludicrous and antiquated. It’s so antiquated that it’s not even relevant to discuss in this time, let alone in the early 20th century. Second of all, those things *are* found in nature. He’s wrong on both points.

Glass Cactus Trinket with Funhouse Mirrors by Ann Stretton
Glass Cactus Trinket with Funhouse Mirrors by Ann Stretton