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Odd Dream with Animal Farm

Very weird dream, lots of detail, but hard to remember the sequence of events, so here’s just snippets:

In a motel with people. I can’t remember Stan, but I remember another guy, short, brown hair, much younger than me, no idea who it was. We were at one point sitting very close to each other and I put my arm around him and start petting him, but it wasn’t romantic, more like the way I’d pet my dogs. But I didn’t want it to get romantic for him. I remember being on a bus and traveling through what looked like travel promo pictures of Northern Africa…Morocco…minarets and palm trees, but lots of lakes as well, which was odd. I loved all the water. We had to deliver stuff to some place, some stuff wrapped in pink styrofoam insulation sheets. I have no idea what we were delivering. I was driving the bus and when I pulled into the place we were supposed to drop off our load, I couldn’t stop the bus. I pulled up a driveway and kept applying the break, but the bus kept inching ahead very slowly, so it went up on the curb. Then I had to maneuver it to prevent it from smashing into a building. It was very strange.

I also had a strange wild animal that was very friendly. I don’t know what the animal was. It was maybe cat-size, but definitely not a cat. I was in a building that had this wild animal farm around it. There were sheep and the sheep were being herded by some animal. When I went outside of the building, the sheep were running into us (us being the nameless people I was with) I took the other animal that was friendly and tried to carry it with me, but it got wild and wanted to escape.

Dream with Animals and Bill

I dreamt that Stan and I had Bill watch our pets for a few days, except it wasn’t just cats and dogs, but a rabbit, a small animal like a bird, a frog, and maybe a lizard as well. I was taking all of them out and playing with them. The rabbit was biting me. I was afraid the other ones would eat eachother. At one point in the dream, Bill was there, but then when we came back another day, he was gone and had left a note that he would be gone that day. The dogs were still in their kennels and I was worried they hadn’t been taken out yet. There was more weirdness in the dream…architecture…but I can’t remember…it gets murky.