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Is That a Peach-colored Yarmulke You’re Wearing…Or…

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No, of course not, he’s a Baptist. It’s just a BALD SPOT.

Here’s a blog post I found regarding the bald spot. The writer points out that during the election, we really didn’t see baldy that much, but now it’s suddenly become center stage…or should I say right stage? During his inauguration speech (reruns on the news that I watched of it, of course…who needs to see the whole thing live during one’s lunch hour…nausea is not my cup of tea) when one catches a glimpse of it flash by the screen, one has to wonder…whoah…what is wrong with his head? (In more ways than one)

Now before anyone jumps on me about making fun of the follicly-challenged, I am not. I do find it strange that somehow he kept it hidden before he took office, then BAM! What other surprises does he have in store for us? It also seems sort of unnatural, like he’s still trying to hide something. Most bald spots have thinning hair around them as well, but it’s like he has this thick black hair, then a bald spot. And the stark black hair…he’s in his 40s. Shouldn’t there be some grey in there too? I am thinking he’s using some sort of product…and not a very discreet one. Not very discerning and makes poor choices. It’s also lopsided. It’s too far on the right. Metaphors, anyone?

Oh good grief, I just read the wiki entry on him. He was born in Colorado Springs, land of the Mega Churches. Figures. One time Stan and I took a mini vacation to Colorado Springs back when we lived in Fort Collins. We were considering it as a possibility for grad school, and although I like Manitou Springs, Colorado Springs itself was insufferable, and the university there seemed like a desert wasteland. That was before the mega church thing really got started. So glad we decided against it…it would’ve been a really bad match. Kind of like the way Scott Walker will be for Wisconsin.