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Twilight Zone

I am having such a weird day. It’s indescribable. I felt like I’ve walked into a weird bubble of time where its DNA is all rearranged. Of course there’s the Keith Olbermann firing. You can’t tell me that this has nothing to do with Comcast taking over NBC..like when I was terminated from (say it in a creepy Boris Karloff voice) “Alistair Video” back in 1985. I was “let go” just so coincidentally on the Monday following a Friday when I was casually discussing with my coworkers how I believe Man created God. One of them was a moral-less hillbilly girl, the other was a Born Again. Both were young mothers and not very well-educated. Undoubtedly the Born Again, who was sort of “in charge” of the skank and I (she was the “foreman”), told the person above her how I didn’t believe in God, which undoubtedly influenced the decision to terminate me. Of course one could say, last hired, first fired, although they wanted to make it perfectly clear I was not being fired (and I was able to collect unemployment, but not from that job because I had only worked there 6 months…sneaky, these employers). But they did say that they felt I wasn’t too happy there, which was why I was being let go. Of course I wasn’t happy there. The wages sucked, the co-workers I had to work with had the intellect of a soda can, and there was no opportunity for any creativity whatsoever. I only took the job in the first place so I wouldn’t starve and I could pay rent. The only benefit, and I am not making this up…this job had NO benefits whatsoever, was one could take home a VHS movie and a portable Video Player every night. This was 1984-1985. But I digress. Keith Olbermann. Right. Anyway, as much as I sometimes hate my cable company, Charter, at least they’re not Comcast.

I couldn’t sleep too well last night…I know it is silly to be effected by the ending of a news show, but I am. It’s like a dependable constant in your life. But I nonetheless woke up and did normal morning things like feed the dogs and get packages ready to ship, and restart my Bryce rendering from the night before. After I got the important errands out of the way, I sat down to work on a Photoshop document while my Bryce image was rendering in the background. Then I couldn’t access any menus. Nothing. I waited…blue screen. Heart leaps into throat, nausea takes over my body. Dammit…not again. The irony is I was just remembering the summer of 2002 and how I was creating a lot of Bryce images back then when I accidentally erased my hard drive and I had felt like my life had just ended. Damn, that was an awful moment.

Fortunately, it wasn’t another computer failure. Just some glitch. I do not know what happened…system overload? Kernel panic? It did take a long time to start up, which left me in a state of horror for longer than needed. When I went back to resume my Bryce render, it started from the place I had left it last night because I hadn’t saved it before the crash. But it started rendering the image differently. The lighting was different. Most odd. I saved that file under a different name and reopened the original file. Same thing. I even tried opening an old file I had been working on last night–the precursor to the large file I was rendering–and the same light effect was missing from that one too! Thinking the crash effected something on my computer, I tried rendering the original file on the computer upstairs. Same thing. Completely unexplainable.

And then I realized I hadn’t gotten any email. None. I had not gotten any email on my computer that crashed since 8:48 in the morning when I checked it–not even SPAM. Later, after much analysis of the matter–sending myself emails, checking to see if there was something wrong with my domains–I find out my computer upstairs had been automatically retrieving all the email. That’s where all my email was going. But why? I have “Mail” set to be Offline for all my accounts except for one…one that is on that machine only. Why would it suddenly change to put all my accounts Online?

Weird. Some weird ghost in the machines.

I’m rerendering the Bryce image. I went in and altered it anyway. The file has some glitch because when I click on the Materials editor on one grouped object, Bryce crashes. So maybe it’s a cursed file.

There’s just some weird things going on in the zone right now.

Hmmmm…just rethinking weirdness in my life…Back on the day I was terminated, we had a houseguest who was the same houseguest we had when Hieronymus fell down the stairs. Dude had some seriously bad karma or dharma or whatever it is…at least as far as we are concerned. Some people it’s just best not getting back together with.

Strange Bug/Feature in Bryce 7.1

I can barely see this morning. Not enough sleep as of late. Pardon any typos. I left a Bryce render overnight because it was on the anti-aliasing scan. Somewhere I read that you have to let the anti-aliasing run its course and not to stop it, because if you do, it will start over either at the last pass (the pre-anti-aliasing pass), or from scratch…I forgot which. All I know is that I had problems years ago with Bryce 4 or 5…it wouldn’t resume a render properly if stopped, especially if stopped, quit and restarted. Also, I noticed that if I pause a render and then restart it, once it gets to the Anti-Alias, it won’t give a percentage of completion. It will just stay stuck at 0%, even though you can see the scan line move down the screen.

Not wanting to wait for hours and hours for it to rerender, I just let it run overnight. I sort of dread doing that to my computer. I woke up at 3 am, went to check on it and it was still antialiasing a part of the image that had some annoying reflective textures (I’m not using that texture again).

Then, just a few minutes ago, I accidentally paused the image by clicking on the bryce screen instead of clicking on the bryce icon in the dock. I stopped the antialias! I could kick myself. I saved the image and then resumed render. And you know what? It didn’t mess up! In fact, it picked up anti-aliasing right at the spot I left off, AND now it is giving me a percentage! In fact, i’t’s 99% now!

Not the one I did last night, but something similar:

Amber and Pearl Transformer by Ann Stretton
Amber and Pearl Transformer by Ann Stretton

And now it’s done!