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The Electric Chair

Very disturbing dream last night. I dreamt I was found guilty of murder and was going to be put to death in the electric chair. It happened all so quickly too, found guilty, sentenced, and then they start preparing me for the electric chair immediately. It didn’t even have time to sink in what had happened until they were telling me to turn my foot over so they could strap it up correctly (weird). I don’t even know who I had supposedly killed! I then start pleading with the women…who were more like nurses preparing me for an operation…to stop, that I was innocent, but obviously, that didn’t change their mind. I think I woke up crying.

After the dream I was in sort of a netherworld where I felt like it was all very reminiscent of something…then I remembered…oh, yeah, when the state republican senators passed the Budget Despair Bill. I felt like they had sentenced Wisconsin to death, and all the pleading the populace did wouldn’t make them change their mind.

Maybe it was because shortly before I went to bed last night I was reading an article at The Progressive about a Wisconsin schoolteacher who was depressed about the Bill passing and killed herself.

Well, yesterday, Wisconsin got a stay of execution as a Dane County judge temporarily blocked the bill from taking effect. But if a few Republicans won’t change their minds, then it’s just prolonging our agony for a short while more.

No protesting for us today…Stan works and then does a lit drop with his Union for Joe Parisi (County Executive) and Joanne Kloppenburg (Wisconsin Supreme Court)…too bad because the forecast is for 52 degrees and sunny. Last Saturday we froze our asses off again. I even wore pajama pant bottoms under my jeans. The chilled wind was just horrendous and we had to spend forever waiting for busses (the one going to the Square was a half hour late!) We might go Monday, but I don’t know. Monday, April 4 will be a big protest rally, so fortunately Stan has that day off. I’m working on more signs, too.

Budget Impaired Bill

Ok, so let me get this straight. Initially, it was all about “balancing the budget” and they had to keep the collective bargaining item in there because it helped “balance the budget”. BUT because they didn’t need any of the WI Fab14 to pass a NON-budget bill, they removed all the fiscal stuff out of the bill, leaving the collective bargaining part, because it was not fiscal. But they initially said it was about the budget. And a budget is fiscal. WTF?!?

We all are in jeopardy if budget-repair bill is passed

That is not my title. That is a suggested title from someone from the comments section of the article titled “Appleton bus service in jeopardy if budget-repair bill is passed” from The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. Read it. It explains better than I can reiterate here what will happen to much of the Public Transportation in Wisconsin if The Budget Despair Bill passes.

What really pisses me off are some of the commenters with sentiments like “Instead of a bus service, bike, walk, call a neighbor.” That is so idiotic and unrealistic, that I am not even going to honor it, or assault it, with my usual approach of giving a list of examples as to why that is not feasible. If you can’t figure it out, you obviously have no problem solving or critical thinking skills, have probably never had to steadily rely on any of those modes of conveyance yourself, or live in a town called Mayfield or Mayberry where it’s always 72 degrees and sunny and your neighbors are either The Cleavers or Sheriff Taylor. No, don’t just get a life, get a real life, with real problems and dilemmas that can’t always easily be solved by some silly idealistic solution that doesn’t actually work in the real world.

Okay, so I did stray a little and rattle off a rant that was a little listy example-ish. But come on. Bike, walk, call a neighbor to get to your job 5 miles across town in the snow every day? Puhlease.

Ever notice no one was ever physically disabled in Mayfield?

I Heart Wisconsin 14

In light of what is going on in my state, I’ve added more items to my Zazzle store.

I Heart Wisconsin 14
I Heart Wisconsin 14

Show your support for the 14 Wisconsin State Senators who stand up for the working people and against Governor Walker’s disastrous Budget Repair Bill.

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I Heart Wisconsin 14

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Letter to Governor Scott Walker

I received a mailing from MoveOn.org asking to write an email to the Governor regarding the Budget Repair Bill. Here is mine:

To: govgeneral@wisconsin.gov
Subject: I am Against the Budget Repair Bill

To Governor Walker:

I am writing you to tell you I am NOT in favor of the Budget Repair Bill. I have nicknamed it the Budget Despair Bill because it will put my husband and I in financial despair if passed. We moved here from Colorado in 1989 to go to graduate school at the University of Wisconsin, but stayed because we love the state.

My Grandfather, who died when I was a small child, was born in Wisconsin. His ancestors came to this country and state to farm some time in the 1800s. He became a union worker in Racine during the early and middle part of the 20th century, most notably during the Great Depression and during World War II. He always said never, ever to speak poorly of unions, because unions are what protect workers and allow them to have living wages.

Please do not destroy the unions and collective bargaining. Please know that there are so many people, including myself, who are against this bill. My Grandfather is watching you.


Ann Stretton