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Impeach Scott Walker Bumper Stickers

The situation in my state is going from bad to worse. Walker, along with the other 18 Republican State Senators who split the bill in order to ram through the part about ending collective bargaining show that they knew it wasn’t about budget cutting all along. They are deceptive tricking liars, who make Nixon look good.

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Letter to Governor Scott Walker

I received a mailing from MoveOn.org asking to write an email to the Governor regarding the Budget Repair Bill. Here is mine:

To: govgeneral@wisconsin.gov
Subject: I am Against the Budget Repair Bill

To Governor Walker:

I am writing you to tell you I am NOT in favor of the Budget Repair Bill. I have nicknamed it the Budget Despair Bill because it will put my husband and I in financial despair if passed. We moved here from Colorado in 1989 to go to graduate school at the University of Wisconsin, but stayed because we love the state.

My Grandfather, who died when I was a small child, was born in Wisconsin. His ancestors came to this country and state to farm some time in the 1800s. He became a union worker in Racine during the early and middle part of the 20th century, most notably during the Great Depression and during World War II. He always said never, ever to speak poorly of unions, because unions are what protect workers and allow them to have living wages.

Please do not destroy the unions and collective bargaining. Please know that there are so many people, including myself, who are against this bill. My Grandfather is watching you.


Ann Stretton

More Republican Craziness

Slogan of the Day: “If you wanted a Republican to care about you, you should have stayed a fetus.” (Found over at HuffPost in the comment section on an article about the Wisconsin situation)

Damn, I just realized I had one of those horrible dreams last night about not having graduated from graduate school. I dreamt I still had a couple semesters worth of credits to take. And I decided at this point it wasn’t worth it. Ew. I must have accidentally gotten into Scotty’s little brain (claustrophobic!) and was recalling how I never finished college because “I already had a job.” Yes, because we go to university to get jobs, not to get an education. Right. Typical lack of curiosity about the world, just like Sarah Palin. Actually, I really wish Walker would be MORE like Sarah Palin…like as in QUITTING the Governorship. Considering he quit college, he certainly has the QUIT gene.

You know what is driving me crazy is that there are reports that there are protesters on the square numbering in the tens of thousands, and these Repugnicans are saying–and I paraphrase–“Yes, but how many people live in Wisconsin? Certainly it’s just a small minority…” What the BLOODY HELL? If all the people who were against Walker’s bill descended upon the Capitol, 1) It would be ABSOLUTE COMPLETE CHAOS, and 2) The Repugs would then say “Irresponsible…they should be at work!” It’s double jeopardy. Regardless of what you do, Repugs will find a way to spin it their way.

Oh, and Repugs are angry because outlying Wisconsin cities are bussing people in to Madison to protest, like that’s not fair or something? WTF? What, you want them to all drive down in individual cars? Yeah, that’s probably what they want…Repugs do like exhausting the fuel supply.

Stan did go to the square shortly yesterday. I had to stay home…I’m still in a lot of pain, and though I’m feeling somewhat better today than yesterday, the pain on my right side is pretty bad. I also discovered a big black and blue mark on my hipbone. I didn’t realize I even fell on my hipbone…I didn’t even realize I still had hipbones. Heh. Stan’s bus passes were expired…when he’s worked at the courthouse, he’s had to leave in the AM before the busses were running…or he’s biked in warm weather, so the passes were over a year old or so. The bus driver let him ride anyway, but without passes he had to walk home, so he didn’t stay too long. I’d like to go tomorrow if I’m not in so much pain, but we’ll see. The protests will not stop unless public union members retain collective bargaining.

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