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Creepy Building Dream

I dreamt that Stan and I went to Milwaukee together. We’re doing that manner of locomotion that only occurs in dreams where it’s like you’re driving because you’re gong fast, but you’re free of any physical restraints or boundaries that a car would put on you. We’re whizzing by houses and see some old school or something that was converted into public housing. We stop there and Stan and I go inside. I’m afraid we’d be hassled because we’re strangers who don’t live there. The building is very stark, concrete and industrial. We climb up some steps and Stan sees a poster for some church service and says he wants to stop by. He says it had something to do with “some little girls in the news.” (huh?) Reluctantly, I follow him, but we can’t find the door…they all look the same. Then we descend the stairs. The concrete stairs are very steep and the handrail is made of old iron pipe. Stan is walking fast and I’m having a hard time keeping up. Then he sees someone he knows, some guy in his 20s…light olive skin, black shaggy hair (probably dyed black) and brown eyes. He has a body modification style ear…it’s like a pierced ear with a large plug, but it’s not hanging down, it’s covering his entire ear. The decoration is like a hubcap. Hard to explain how the skin of the ear wraps around it. We sit down on the concrete steps and Stan is talking to this guy. Then Stan says we’re going to stay at a certain hotel for the night, but it’s not a recognizable name of a hotel/motel chain, so I fear it’s a seedy pit. I didn’t like this situation at all.