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Dream with Lipstick and Basset Hound

I dreamt I was at my grandmother’s house and was looking at items on the sideboard/dresser that was in the room my mom slept in when she visited, and which she presently has in her bedroom at home. There were old tubes of lipstick that were really large and seemed more like small bottles. One was a really pretty pearlescent color that was sort of translucent with nacreous blues, lilacs and pinks. I wanted to take them with me. In the dream my grandmother was still alive, although I can’t remember much else.
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Trip Afterthought 2

Oh how I missed the dog snuggle.

This morning is the first time since before the trip that I’ve been able to sit down on the couch with my morning coffee and snuggle with one dog on either side of me…Jasper on the left, Lucifer Sam on the right. I missed that so much.

Dogs were not allowed on furniture at my mom’s, and ever since she got knocked down (did I write about that? I didn’t? Ooops…my bad) by Jasper, we only took him upstairs when he was on a leash, and only on our way to outside, and only when we didn’t see her around.
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Surprise Surprise, Another Bad Dream

I was inside a building and my dogs were outside. It was sort of a prairie with tall grass, however it was landscaped. Then these men in hazmat suits that sort of looked like those guys who wore white plastic armor in Star Wars (I am so not a Star Wars fan…I don’t know what they were) came by, except the color was sort of dull gold/pale green drab. They were spraying chemicals to get rid of the weeds. I was worried that my dogs were out there while they were doing this. After they left, I found my dogs in the weeds and Jasper looked like he was suffering. He was squirming about and uncomfortable, and his eyes were turning white. I was so sad and terrified he was dying, but I didn’t know what to do and feared all damage was already done.

Financial Doomsday and Puppy Dreams

The other night (Friday-Saturday) I dreamt I withdrew all of the money out of my bank account. Then I was worried how I would make payments on our 2nd mortgage since I needed the money in there to do that.

Last night I dreamt we had a dog that was like a miniature poodle x w/something else. It did NOT have that awful poodle cut but its fur was maybe about 2 inches long au naturale. It was black and the fur was frosted with white on top…very weird. It was pretty small, maybe about 6 pounds. It was pretty cute, although I prefer my shorthair boys, even though this guy was quite soft.

Sad Apollo DREAM

I had a dream last night that Stan and I were in a room with a bunch of cats including Apollo. It was sort of like the Dog Play we go to with Lucifer Sam and Jasper, except this was Cat Play. Yeah, that’s an idea that would work out well. There were some cats there that were huge, maybe about 30 lbs or so. Not fat, just proportionately large. They kept chasing Apollo and annoying him. Now IRL Apollo is an Alpha, but he was so scared in this dream. He actually started to cry, and it sounded human. Finally Stan grabbed him away from the other cats and held him.

IRL, this is probably based on how Jasper seems to be targeted by large dogs. It happened the other weekend at a dog park. We were leaving, woman with two large unmanageable dogs is heading toward the dog park, she can’t contain one of her dogs, it heads over to Jasper in a not so waggy tail friendly way. Stan grabs Jasper and starts to scold the big dog. Big dog runs over to me, I have Lucifer Sam on a leash. Lucifer Sam scolds the dog too. Fortunately Lucifer Sam seems to hold his own around big dogs, but not Jasper. And Jasper is even taller than Lucifer Sam, so I don’t know what’s going on. He must just give off super-submissive vibes around big dogs. Maybe Pugs give off more confident vibes–they say that Pugs are like big dogs in little bodies.

We used to have to worry that Plato would unnecessarily aggress toward other dogs…now the shoe is on the foot with Jasper. Jasper is like the bizarro world Plato. So similar, yet so different.

Spooty Spoot

Ironic that Obama would go to Wisconsin after the SOTU where he mentioned biofuels and high speed rail, both of which have been quashed by Scotty the Boxer. Of course everyone knows about the HSR and Walker, but wait, there’s more. He’s also ordering a biofuels project stopped in Madison. And he also doesn’t like Wind Energy either.

But on a whimsical, unrelated tangent, Obama said that, coincidentally, a piece of Sputnik crashed in Manitowoc (where he was speaking today) back in 1962. Ironic that the SOTU mentioned Sputnik, as in Moment. And then he goes to Manitowoc. Weird.

When I first moved to Colorado, I knew a Chihuahua named Spooty. Spooty peed and barked all the time. Spooty was owned by an old lady who lived next door to us. I didn’t like Spooty all that much, and he didn’t seem all that friendly. I suspect Spooty was named after Sputnik, because he was just about that old. Spooty’s owner’s grandson lived there too and had a beagle mix named Peaches. Peaches was the first dog that became my friend, but only through a chain link fence. I think Peaches liked my company better than her owner, who she seemed scared of. I wish I could see Peaches now that I’m a dog owner. Weird how we miss animals from our past, even if they weren’t our own.

Also, Manitowoc is one of those places in Wisconsin that I wish I could live if I could live anywhere and Stan’s work and finances weren’t a problem. I would live right on the lake. Anywhere on any body of water in Wisconsin would be wonderful. For now, I’ll just settle for being between a couple of them.