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Well Duh!!! -Bya!!

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Dubya’s been in the news lately. Both of them! Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dumber! Who’s Dubya Two you may ask? Here’s a hint: Never, ever, elect a person with “Walker” in their name. Case in point: George W. (Walker) Bush. And now, Wisconsin has it’s own little junior achiever Dubya…Scott Walker! Yes! It’s the Walker curse!

I was just telling Stan the other day how he is my absolutely most hated politician…even more than George W. And then I woke up to an epiphany this morning about the names. Weird, huh?

Dubya II, you are an embarrassment to my state, asking the Obama administration to re-appropriate the $810 million for the high speed rail to be spent on roads, when clearly this grant was to create an infrastructure not reliant on fossil fuel. What a short-sighted little boy you are. You make George W. look like a rocket scientist. At least he finished his MBA. You didn’t even get a baccalaureate.

Now governors of other states are saying “Well, give me the $810 million, then!!” They must think we’re a bunch of backward gas-huffin’ hillbillies here. And they’d be partly right. The percentage that voted for you…what is that…52% of the 40% of the eligible voting public that turned out to vote…those people ARE either gas-huffin’ hillbillies OR too stupid or too lazy to have researched the issues and the ramifications of you being elected.

Stop right now. Quit fighting the train. Quit like you did college. Keep the federal funds, build the train. It might taste bad to you right now, but think of the future, when gas is $10/gallon. I thought you were about creating jobs? Instead, if you axe this project, you’ll be losing jobs. You’ll be losing businesses here that will be created by building the train.

I voted for Barrett and Feingold. I just want to tap my heels and wake up from this nightmare. Please don’t think Wisconsin as a whole wants what Walker has in mind for us. I bet a lot of people who voted for him…business people in communities that would get the train…are now having regrets for what he is going to be doing.