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Raising Cain Again

On MSNBC this morning, Melissa Harris-Perry said to Herman Cain that Rachel Maddow has suggested his campaign was more parody and performance art than a serious campaign, and Cain’s pairing with Stephen Colbert reinforces that image. Cain goes off on how he doesn’t care whether Rachel Maddow doesn’t understand what he’s about.

But is Cain’s indignation about his being a serious campaigner an Andy Kaufmanesque mask of his own performance art parody? Unfortunately, I’m afraid not. He does not comprehend the levels of satire Colbert is working with. And although Maddow postulated the theory of Cain as performance art and that he could (if it were true) be punking us, the tables have actually turned and Colbert is punking him.

This stuff is hilarious.